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  1. Catbird 6.0 Provides OpenStack Cloud Security Policy Automation
  2. Mirantis OpenStack Integrates with Oracle Linux, VM
  3. Red Hat Updates Open Source Ceph Cloud Storage
  4. Rackspace Adds Managed Cloud Server Hosting Plans
  5. Cloudera, Capgemini Partner on Hadoop Big Data Services
  6. Red Hat Extends Support, VMware Integration for OpenStack Platform
  7. SolidFire: SSD Offers Huge Performance Boost to MongoDB
  8. IRS: Yorba Open Source Software Project Must Pay Taxes
  9. Survey: Hadoop Not the Answer for Big Data Diversity
  10. Automotive Grade Linux Released for Open Source Cars
  11. Google Capital, Others Commit $110M to MapR Hadoop
  12. Red Hat Adds Cloud-Management Certification for OpenStack Partners
  13. Canonical Supporting IBM POWER8 for Ubuntu Cloud, Big Data
  14. Mirantis Invests in OpenStack Market in Western Europe
  15. ownCloud 7 Unveils New Open Source Cloud File Sharing Features
  16. CloudPhysics Adds Virtual Cloud Storage Analytics to Big Data Platform
  17. Pentaho Rolls Out Big Data Analytics Platform with MongoDB Support
  18. Canonical Designers Update Ubuntu Linux Website
  19. Google Forks Open Source OpenSSL Web Security Code
  20. Mirantis Launches Advanced OpenStack Certification
  21. Red Hat Acquires eNovance for OpenStack Smarts
  22. Survey: Enterprise Private Clouds Driving OpenStack Adoption
  23. RapidMiner Enhances Predictive Analytics for Hadoop Big Data with Radoop Acquisition
  24. MemSQL, GoGrid Partner on High-Performance Big Data Cloud Analytics
  25. HP's The Machine Open Source OS: Truly Revolutionary
  26. New libswarm API Simplifies Docker Apps in the Cloud Clusters
  27. Tesora Open Sources OpenStack Cloud Database Storage Software
  28. ownCloud Private Cloud Platform Wins in Education Market
  29. Red Hat Releases Enterprise Linux 7
  30. Is Canonical Considering a MATE Remix of Ubuntu Linux?
  31. Open Source SDN Project OpenDaylight Adds New Members
  32. Docker Open Source Container Virtualization Reaches 1.0 Version
  33. MapR, Syncsort Partner on Big Data ETL Hadoop Solution
  34. Red Hat's Fedora Linux Operating System Gains New Leader
  35. Canonical, Mirantis Collaborate on OpenStack Cloud Support
  36. Canonical and Cavium Expand SoC Partnership for Ubuntu, OpenStack
  37. Guavus Joins AMPLab for Open Source Big Data Collaboration
  38. Big Data Transformation Specialist Trifacta Receives Series C Funding
  39. Core Infrastructure Initiative Endorses Open Source Networking, Security
  40. Canonical Designers Work on Mobile-Friendly Ubuntu Cloud Tool
  41. Why No Flash Support for Linux Is Good for Open Source
  42. Valve Enhances Cloud-Based Entertainiment for Linux, OS X
  43. Ubuntu Devs Work on Porting Android Apps to Ubuntu Linux
  44. Ubuntu Linux Community Manager Jono Bacon Leaves Canonical
  45. Renesas to Advance Embedded Open Source OS for Linux Foundation
  46. KEMP Unveils Condor Cloud Application Delivery Framework
  47. Looker Unveils New 'Self-Service' Big Data Analytics Platform
  48. Canonical Updates Ubuntu Linux Mobile Installer for Android
  49. Rackspace, Cumulus Networks and CoreOS Join Linux Foundation
  50. Shuttleworth Highlights Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Innovations
  51. GroundWork Unveils OpenStack Open Source Cloud Monitoring Tool
  52. Open Source Xen Leads Virtualization Planning at Red Hat's CentOS
  53. Atlantis Integrates In-Memory SDS with VMware Virtualization
  54. Sanbolic Releases Storage-Agnostic Software-Defined Storage Platform
  55. DataStax and Databricks Partner on Open Source Big Data
  56. HP Joins OpenDaylight Open Source SDN Project
  57. Mirantis Launches Vendor Database for OpenStack Cloud Computing
  58. Docker Open Source Virtualization Project Nears 1.0 Release
  59. Eucalyptus Debuts Version 4.0 of Open Source Private/Hybrid Cloud Solution
  60. KernelCare Promises Linux Security Updates Without the Reboots
  61. Red Hat Acquires Inktank for Open Source Distributed Storage
  62. Docker Open Source Virtualization Project Forms Advisory Board
  63. AMD, Mentor Graphics Join Advisory Board for Embedded Linux
  64. Open Core Initiative Promises Millions of Dollars for Open Source Security
  65. Infinitely Virtual Adds High-Performance Cloud Hosting for Education Market
  66. Linux Foundation Event to Highlight Docker, 3D Printing, MOOCs
  67. Telerik Open Sources Mobile App UI Software Code
  68. Linode Enters High-Performance Cloud Hosting Market with SSD, RAM Updates
  69. Dell, Red Hat Partner on OpenStack Open Source Cloud Deployment
  70. ownCloud Promotes Scalability, Efficiency of Open Source Private Cloud
  71. Canonical's Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Open Source OS Almost Here
  72. Ubuntu 14.04 Server Brings Virtualization, Automation, Storage Updates
  73. Open Source Big Data Vendor Talend Adds SaaS Analytics Partner
  74. IBM Debuts New Big Data Software-Defined Storage Platform for the Cloud
  75. MapR Adds Open Source Apache Spark for High Performance Big Data
  76. OpenDaylight Internship Targets Student Open Source SDN Developers
  77. Fedora Linux Plans Changes for Open Source OS
  78. Canonical to End Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Service for Ubuntu Linux
  79. AMD, Mentor Graphics Partner on Embedded Linux Development
  80. MapR, Elasticsearch Partner on Open Source Big Data Search
  81. Seagate, Scality Partner On Software-Based Storage for the Cloud
  82. Linux Foundation: Collaborative Open Source Software Development Is Hot
  83. Why Windows XP's Demise Is Bad for Linux and Open Source
  84. Verizon Terremark Intensifies Open Source Cloud Investment
  85. Red Hat Grants Award for Unix-to-Linux Migration Smarts
  86. Red Hat Updates Open Source Software Development Tools
  87. Canonical Builds Open Source Email App for Ubuntu Convergence
  88. Docker Monetizes Open Source Container Virtualization
  89. OpenDaylight Project: Enterprises Demand Open Source SDN
  90. SolidFire Enhances All-Flash Enterprise Storage Arrays
  91. Zimbra Updates Community Groupware Collaboration Suite
  92. Wine, ChromeOS and Cross-Platform Computing in the Cloud Age
  93. Xen 4.4 Open Source Virtualization Targets ARM and Cloud
  94. What the Linux Foundation's edX MOOC Means for the Channel
  95. PerspecSys: Security Pros Say Cloud More Difficult to Secure
  96. Google Adds Autoscaling, Reserved Instances to Compute Engine