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  1. SOFA Statistics: An Interview with developer Dr. Grant Paton-Simpson
  2. GNU Octave: An interview with John W. Eaton and Jordi Gutiérrez
  3. Author Interview: Jan Erik Solem Programming Computer Vision with Python
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  9. Interview with the Sage Mathematics Software Project
  10. An Interview with Leon Brin, maintainer of Mathbuntu
  11. FLOSS for Science Books March-April 2012
  12. GNU Octave for the Life Scientist: An Interview with biochemist and author Heino Prinz
  13. The GNU Scientific Library: An interview with Mark Galassi
  14. Machine Learning with WEKA: An Interview with Mark Hall
  15. Interview with Jeffrey D. Long, author of Longitudinal Data Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences Using R
  16. FLOSS for Science Books January-February 2012
  17. Computer Aided Design the FLOSS way: An Interview with Franz Reiter, lead developer of gCAD3D
  18. A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python, an interview with author Hans Petter Langtangen
  19. Fedora Scientific, an interview with Amit Saha
  20. FLOSS for Science Books December 2011
  21. Interview with Ivan Idris author of NumPy 1.5 Beginner’s Guide
  22. Updated Edition of the Book The Geospatial Desktop: Open source GIS and Mapping
  23. High-quality scientific graphics with MathGL: An interview with Alexey Balakin
  24. Geospatial services with FLOSS: Interview with Oslandia
  25. Interview: Computational astrophysics with the yt project
  26. FLOSS for Science Books November 2011
  27. Doing geospatial business with FLOSS: An Interview with CartoDB
  28. Euler Math Toolbox: An interview with René Grothmann
  29. FLOSS for Neuroscience: An interview with the NeuroDebian team
  30. FLOSS for Science Books October 2011
  31. Matrix Algebra on GPU: An interview with MAGMA lead developers
  32. An interview with Equalis, a Scilab based business
  33. Interview: Eagle Genomics, open source solution provider for genome content management
  34. Interview: Jesper Schmidt Hansen, author of GNU Octave Beginner’s Guide
  35. Making robots with open source: An interview with Steve Cousins, CEO Willow Garage
  36. Interview: Alan W. Irwin, developer of Time Ephemerides
  37. Interview: Andy Spencer, developer of Aweather a meteorological data viewer
  38. FLOSS for Science Book Releases August 2011
  39. PiCloud: Scientific open source computing in the cloud
  40. Interview: Izzat Sabbagh, leader of the Capaware 3D virtual world framework project
  41. UniPro: Open Source Bioinformatics Business with UGENE
  42. New FreeMat 4 User Guide
  43. Interview: Lucian Langa, gnoduino lead developer
  44. Interview: SciRuby Team
  45. Resources for learning GNU Octave
  46. Interview: Gaël Varoquaux