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  1. How To Enable Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding In Chromium On Ubuntu Or Linux Mint
  2. Dropbox Client Will Only Support Ext4 Filesystems On Linux Beginning November 7
  3. Use Plank On Multiple Monitors Without Creating Multiple Docks With autoplank
  4. How To Remove Or Disable Ubuntu Dock
  5. LibreOffice 6.1 Released With New Colibre Icon Theme, Native Gtk3 Dialogs, Improved EPUB Export
  6. Automatically Switch To Light / Dark Gtk Themes Based On Sunrise And Sunset Times With AutomaThemely
  7. Mozilla Thunderbird 60.0 Ships With New Photon Look, Important Changes
  8. GPaste Is A Great Clipboard Manager For Gnome Shell
  9. s-tui: CPU Monitoring And Stress Testing Console UI Tool
  10. Cli Google Drive Client Grive2: How To Enable Automatic Synchronization
  11. Gnome Shell YouTube Search Provider Lets You Play YouTube Videos In VLC
  12. How To Customize Ubuntu Or Linux Mint Live ISO With Cubic
  13. Lubuntu To No Longer Target Older Computers
  14. Download Subtitles Via Right Click From File Manager Or Command Line With OpenSubtitlesDownload.py
  15. How To Mount OneDrive In Linux Using Rclone (Supports Personal And Business Accounts)
  16. Music Tagger MusicBrainz Picard 2.0 Ported To Python 3 And PyQt5, Brings Improved UI And More
  17. Incomplete Path Expansion (Completion) For Bash
  18. EncryptPad: Encrypted Text Editor For Your Secrets
  19. Digital Audio Workstation REAPER Adds Experimental Native Linux Builds
  20. bootiso: Easy ISO To Bootable USB Drive From The Command Line
  21. Groot Simplifies Entering Chroot On Any Linux Distribution
  22. Display Weather Forecast In Your Terminal With Wttr.in
  23. Malware Found On The Arch User Repository (AUR)
  24. Anbox: How To Install Google Play Store And Enable ARM (libhoudini) Support, The Easy Way
  25. Marker Is A Powerful Gtk3 Markdown Editor
  26. How To Stream Netflix Videos At 1080p Resolution In Google Chrome
  27. Image Editor GIMP 2.10.4 Brings Async Fonts Loading, Simple Horizon Straightening
  28. How To Replace Nautilus With Nemo File Manager On Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome Desktop (Complete Guide)
  29. Free Video Editor OpenShot 2.4.2 Released With 7 New Effects, Improved Stability
  30. How To Install DaVinci Resolve 15 In Ubuntu, Linux Mint Or Debian
  31. How To Get Flatpak Apps And Games Built With OpenGL To Work With Proprietary Nvidia Graphics Drivers
  32. Free Painting Software Krita 4.1.0 Released With New Reference Images Tool, Option To Save And Load Sessions
  33. YouTube Music Support Lands In Google Play Music Desktop Player (GPMDP)
  34. Random Wallpaper Gnome Extension Changes Your Desktop Background With Images From Online Sources
  35. Get 2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures And Standings From The Command Line
  36. Browse Wikipedia Offline With WebArchives For Linux
  37. Open Source Web Design Editor Brackets 1.13 Released
  38. System-Wide PulseAudio Effects Software PulseEffects Update Includes Configurable Number Of Equalizer Bands
  39. Winepak Is A Flatpak Repository For Windows (Wine) Games And Applications
  40. Cryptomator Secures Your Cloud Storage Data (Open Source, Multi-Platform Client-Side Encryption Tool)
  41. Read Ebooks Quicker With This Spritz-Like Fast Reading Command Line Software
  42. LinuxForums.org Hack Exposes 276,000 User Accounts
  43. Timekpr Revived: Easy To Use Parental Control Software For Ubuntu
  44. Free Video Editing Software Avidemux Is Now Available On Flathub
  45. How To Change Gnome Shell Notifications Position
  46. Use Custom Themes For Qt Applications On #Linux With Kvantum
  47. How To Add A Show Desktop Icon To Ubuntu Dock / Dash To Dock
  48. A Quick Look At What's Coming To KDE Connect
  49. Command Line Chromecast Player CATT Gets Support For Subtitles And Website Casting
  50. Pidgin / Libpurple SkypeWeb Plugin Sees New Stable Release
  51. How To Permanently Change The MAC Address On Linux
  52. Bitwarden Password Manager Adds Command Line Vault
  53. How To Add A Dynamic Trash Icon To Ubuntu Dock (Gnome Shell)
  54. Nautilus Ability To Launch Binaries Or Scripts To Be Reverted, Might Be Implemented Differently
  55. Gnome Shell Dash To Panel Gets Intellihide, Configurable Window Previews Size
  56. How To Add A Global Menu And HUD To Gnome Shell (Gnome Global AppMenu Extension)
  57. Nautilus Will No Longer Launch Binaries Or Desktop Files
  58. Malware Found In The Ubuntu Snap Store
  59. Get Qt5 Apps To Use Native Gtk+ Style In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  60. Mark Text: FOSS Markdown Editor With Realtime Preview
  61. Bitwarden: The Secure, Open Source Password Manager You're Looking For
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  63. Make Gnome Shell More Like Unity With Unite Extension
  64. Ubuntu 18.04 Screenshot Tour - See What's New
  65. Top Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver To Make It Your Own
  66. gksu Removed From Ubuntu, Here's The Recommended Replacement
  67. How To Install OpenSnitch Application-Level Firewall In Ubuntu
  68. Gnome: Save And Restore Running Applications And Window Positions With Window Session Manager
  69. Integrate Your Android Phone With Gnome Shell Without KDE Dependencies With GSConnect
  70. Free DJ Software Mixxx 2.1 Released With New And Improved Skins, Overhauled Effects System, More
  71. Easily Run And Integrate AppImage Files With AppImageLauncher
  72. Install Oracle Java 10 In Ubuntu Or Linux Mint From PPA Repository
  73. YouTube Console Music Player With Playlists Support: mps-youtube
  74. Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme