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How To Backup Google Photos To Your Computer With gphotos-sync

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on Jun 18, 2019 11:31 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
gphotos-sync is a command line tool for backing up Google Photos (including separate albums) using the Google Photos Library API, for Linux, macOS and Windows. Use it periodically to grab all newly added photos, keeping a complete Google Photos backup on a server or desktop.

Fix Can't Login After Logout With Gnome / GDM3 On Ubuntu

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on Jun 18, 2019 2:30 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
I've had an issue for some time: after logging out, I was unable to login to the default Ubuntu (Gnome) session. After some digging, I managed to find a fix for this issue, so here's a solution in case you too are experiencing this "can't login again after logout" problem.

Use Albert Launcher On Linux To Boost Your Productivity

Albert is a productivity app inspired by Quicksilver, Alfred and other similar tools, that runs on Linux. Written in C++ / Qt5, this free and open source launcher uses a plugin-based architecture that makes it very flexible and powerful.

GIMP 2.10.12 Released With Curves Tool Improvements, TIFF Layers Support

With this release, the image editor fixes many bugs discovered after the previous release, while also including some cool improvements, like layers support for TIFF exporting, Curves tool enhancements, support for user-installed fonts on Windows, and more.

Ubuntu Devs Testing Chromium Browser Transition From Deb To Snap Package

Ubuntu will soon offer Chromium browser as a snap package instead of a regular deb package. This is not only for the upcoming Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine, but also for the already released Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo), and for LTS releases, like Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver).

scrcpy 1.9 Released (View And Control Your Android From A Linux, Windows Or macOS Desktop)

scrcpy, an application to display and control your Android device from a desktop, be it Linux, Windows or macOS, was updated to version 1.9. The new release includes bidirectional copy-paste, new option to turn the Android screen off while mirroring, and more.

Speed Up Gnome Shell On Fedora 30 Using This Copr Repository

There's a Copr repository for Fedora 30 that presumably speeds up Gnome Shell and Mutter by adding some patches. The repository also has builds for Fedora 29, and while they are no longer maintained, they should still work.

Deluge BitTorrent Client 2.0 Released With Sequential Downloads, Now Uses Python3 And Gtk3

Deluge BitTorrent client has reached version 2.0 stable recently, after more than 2 years since the previous stable release. The new stable Deluge version comes with major changes, including code ported to Python 3, Gtk UI ported to Gtk 2, sequential downloads support, a new logo, and much more.

Argos Is Like BitBar For Gnome Shell: It Shows Scripts Output On The Panel (Top Bar)

Searching for a way to show a script output on the Gnome Shell panel (top bar), I came across Argos. This Gnome Shell extension does only one thing: it adds a new item with a dropdown menu to the panel, showing the output from a script and exposing functionality.

Fix Missing GPG Key Apt Repository Errors (NO_PUBKEY)

You might see a missing public GPG key error ("NO_PUBKEY") on Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint when running apt update / apt-get update. This can happen when you add a repository, and you forget to add its public key, or maybe there was a temporary key server error when trying to import the GPG key.

How To Free Up Space In The /boot Partition On Ubuntu, Debian, Or Linux Mint

This article explains how to free up space in the /boot partition on Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, elementary OS, and other Debian or Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

Free Raster Graphics Editor Krita 4.2.0 Released With Numerous Improvements

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on May 29, 2019 3:03 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: KDE, Linux
Krita, a free and open source painting program, was updated to version 4.2.0. This new major release includes updated support for drawing tablets, scripting API for animations, support for HDR displays on Windows, and much more.

2 Tools To Test Internet Speed From The Command Line

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on May 28, 2019 8:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
This article presents 2 command line tools for checking your Internet connection speed. This can be useful to check if your ISP does indeed offer the speeds it claims, to diagnose possible issues with your Internet connection, and so on.

Terminal File Manager nnn 2.5 Adds Plugins, Mouse And SSHFS Support

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on May 28, 2019 10:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
nnn console file manager was updated to version 2.5, which includes plugins support and 19 plugins available, with more to come, mouse and SSHFS mounts support, and more.

Livestream Wallpaper For Your GNOME, Xfce Or bspwm Desktop

This article explains how to use a livestream as a desktop wallpaper on GNOME, Xfce or bspwm with X11 (it does not work with Wayland). The live video stream can be any stream you like (a live city cam or the ISS live feed for example), as long as it's supported by Streamlink.

Olivia: Cloud-Based Music Player With YouTube Support And Over 25,000 Online Radio Stations

Olivia is a fairly new free, open source Qt5 cloud-based music player for Linux. It can play music from YouTube, comes with more than 25,000 Internet radio stations, it supports themes, has a mini player mode, it can save songs for offline playback, and much more.

Left Is A Minimalist, Distraction-Free Text Editor For Writers

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on May 25, 2019 3:56 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Left is a free and open source distraction-free text editor for Linux, Windows and Mac. Its main goal of is to get you to focus on writing, sporting writing essentials like autocomplete, synonym suggestions and writing statistics.

GUI To Batch Rename Files On Linux With Exif And Music Tags Support: Inviska Rename

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on May 25, 2019 12:56 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Inviska Rename is a free and open source GUI batch file rename utility for Linux, Mac and Windows. It supports renaming based on music tags and Exif information, and much more.

How To Force fsck (Filesystem Consistency Check) After Reboot

  • Linux Uprising; By Logix (Posted by logix on May 25, 2019 2:26 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
With old sysvinit and Upstart, users could force a disk check on next reboot using a simple command (sudo touch /forcefsck), but that's no longer the case nowadays, with most Linux distributions using systemd. This article explains how to force fsck to run at boot time in two ways, which work with systemd. You'll also find a command that shows when a partition was last checked by fsck, at the end of the article.

Drill: New Desktop File Search Utility That Uses Clever Crawling Instead Of Indexing

Drill is a new file search utility that uses "clever crawling" instead of indexing.

The Drill developer, Federico Santamorena, says that after switching to Linux, he had almost everything he needed, minus a fast desktop-oriented search tool, so he created clone of "Everything" that runs on Linux (as well as Windows and macOS), called, Drill.

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