Is this the point of Linux?

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Aug 27, 2004
11:41 PM EDT
Two things spring straight to mind. 1) If it's too similar people will get confused and wonder what the fuss is about or why they should change.

2) Microsoft's legal dept' are going to have something to say about this.

Aug 28, 2004
6:50 AM EDT
XPde is a nice little hobby project and harmless. It's not going anywhere. For all the grand huffing and puffing on the XPde website, it's just a knock-off of the WinXP desktop that adds absolutely no value to the GNU/Linux desktop experience.

The projectleaders have gotten things topsy turvy. The power of WinXP (yes it has some) is the ease with which people can administer it, not the way it looks. The project seems to think the the ease of use is a byproduct from it's looks.

XPde does not unlock the power of GNU/Linux, it merely hides the powerfull Unix philosophy under an underperforming copycat interface that doesn't seem to tap into the GNU/Linux system at all, just running on top of it.

I don't think MS sees this as a threat. Potentially this could be helpfull to MS. It creates confusion and as it does not give access to GNU/Linux' power, people might think GNU/Linux is not good enough and is merely trying to "clone" Windows.

But this presumes that people who switch would flock to XPde. Luckilly, XPde is not included in any major Distribution, so switchers will most likely be exposed to either the powerfull GNOME or KDE. Nothing lost.

Aug 29, 2004
4:24 PM EDT
If there is even a person that needs an exact copy of Windows look in order to use Linux, the fact is, as far as he try to do something, he will realize it's all fake, as is not the same as Windows in any way, he won't have IE, OE, nor anything else standard Windows app. Of course, he could have Konqui/Nautilus or KMail/Evolution or whatever, but those won't be an exact copy, so it is stupid. And of course, if people is really so dumb to need that similarity, M$ wouldn't dare to release XP with Luna look as the default in the first place. That is, if you want to pick someone interested, give them an attractive, similar but not the same interface. If it is similar enough to not be intimidated, he will be curious about the thing, and could be seduced by the look, that doesn't happen if you gives him the same boring look he already uses. Conclusion: XPde is worthless, doesn't matter the way you think about it, a XP theme for KDE is a much better idea if you like the look, and a lot less effort.

Aug 30, 2004
8:34 AM EDT
GUI? As long as I can hang several bash shells from it, it's good enough for me. :)

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