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  1. Intel pulls out of OLPC project.
  2. UK Gov' "responds" to the BBC iPlayer "outcry".
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  16. Maddog cautions SA against one laptop per child project
  17. Open Source: Who Takes But Doesn't Give Back?
  18. Book Review: Linux Desktop Pocket Guide by David Brickner
  19. Open source philosophy under threat
  20. LPI exam prices may triple in SA
  21. weekly security advisory - May 5, 2006
  22. First look: Dropline GNOME 2.14.0
  23. Linux hater/traitor turns to Windows
  24. If open source on its own doesn't prevent vendor lock-in, what's ...
  25. Where Ubuntu LiveCD Both Succeeds and Fails
  26. Mac, Windows, lock in, Linux, freedom, got it?
  27. Open Solaris a source of contention
  28. Fedora Frog brings the bling to Fedora
  29. New GNOME Does Search Right
  30. Chinese no OS ban may open way for Linux
  31. 2006 Install Fest
  32. Free Software Foundation to target DRM
  33. Linux a BIG hit in India
  34. DRM key to Linux's consumer success?
  35. Technology feeds grassroots media.
  36. How not to treat your customers.
  37. There Is No Open Source Community
  38. If this suite's a success, why is it so buggy?
  39. French Media Companies Lobbied to Ban Free Software
  40. Macedonia leads world with wi-fi
  41. Firefox Hacks (Hacks)
  42. Open source turns money-spinner
  43. Open Source is taking over Europe
  44. UK Open Source Academy opens.
  45. Microsoft begin to squeal over Massachusetts decision.
  46. Open Source could use a face lift.
  47. Microsoft bans "democracy" for Chinese users.
  48. British Gov' Agency to recommend OSS for schools.
  49. Microsoft to clampdown on piracy.
  50. Oracle and Microsoft Cut a Software Deal
  51. EU Software Patents and Microsoft sneakiness