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Sep 14, 2004
8:35 PM EDT
I used KDE for the best part of 18 months. Happily I should add. But when I became involved in a project to roll Linux out across the voluntary sector, a discussion on simplicity vs functionality convinced me that gnome was the best desktop for new users. So I thought I'd better spend some time getting to know it. To cut a long story short, I don't use KDE anymore, it's ugly and over laden with nice to be seen but seldom used options. Gnome, on the other hand, is elegant and simple. Only two things wrong with Gnome, one is the Konqueror "open terminal here" feature, this is excellent and should be added to nautilus, and the other is why did they remove "shade" from gnome 2.6? Shade means keeping everything on 1 desktop with neat rolled up windows. Why did they remove it? Other than those two mild annoyances, Gnome is top banana.

Sep 15, 2004
9:02 AM EDT
I also used KDE over Gnome for a long time after it came out. When RedHat 8 came out I decided I would try out the new Gnome and it was so much better than the old Gnome that I didn't really have a reason to switch back. At work we also have a lot of Solaris and KDE is the standard desktop but we also offer a few other desktop options, Gnome not being one of them. Enlightenment is one of the alternatives and I actually prefer Enlightenment over KDE on Solaris. Don't get me wrong, KDE is a wonderful desktop environment and my intent is not to slam it. I think it still might be the best and most comfortable DE for someone coming fresh from Windows.

Sep 15, 2004
12:08 PM EDT
Yes, that's what I said. But it was pointed out that bazillions of options everywhere you look can be too much for someone coming tentatively to Linux. I guess it's a personal thing. For power users KDE is a natural choice, but for people who are nervous, new or just plain stubborn, Gnome offers a simplicity that is hard to beat.

Sep 16, 2004
7:55 AM EDT
I know that's what you said, I was just agreeing/supporting what you said with similar experience. :) I don't necessarily agree with your last comment though. What is the definition of a power user? I like simplicity because I prefer to do 99% of the things I do from a shell. I'm the sort of person who will never do most things from a GUI regardless of features. I'm certainly not new and all the extra glitz just gets in my way. New users usually like the glitz though which is the only reason I figure KDE might be more liked by the new user. Heck, I could get along in TWM nearly as well as I could in Gnome or KDE.

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