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Oct 13, 2004
2:43 AM EDT
I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it has become my distro of choice. Very impressed with it's features. A HUGE amount of software available through Apt/Synaptic. A very active users list. Noticeably faster than Mandrake and loads faster than Suse. I had some trouble getting Java to work in the browsers, but other than that it's great.


Oct 13, 2004
3:10 AM EDT
OK, I am currently using Debian, do you think that I have any reason to switch to ubuntu ?does it use the EXACY SAME debian packages ? or rebuild them them with i686 ? or maybe have extra optimization ?

Oct 13, 2004
6:01 AM EDT
Ubuntu builds their own packages. As they're an optimized snapshot of Debian Unstable, you can mix and match Ubuntu with Debian Sid, but this can lead to breakage and Ubuntu does not encourage this mixing and matching.

If you are satisfied with Debian (Unstable) you are not really missing out on anything. Ubuntu has more active bugfixing and they carry the latest GNOME, but as the project plans to push their improvements upstream, these fixes end up in Debian anyways.

Other than that, Ubuntu is a wicked sweet little Distro. It really got me into using GNOME for more than 5 minutes. I hope that KDE will take notice, they can use a clean up. KDE is a bit absent right now, as they don't carry the latest and greatest of KDE. It was indicated that this would change.

Oct 13, 2004
7:53 AM EDT
I should say I was pretty much impressed with this distro, it installed without any interference on my Emachines (Amd 64) laptop, actually this was the only 64 distro that worked without much configuration. As for people using GNOME and KDE, a distro should not carry both but have a fixed and standard desktop(but then it matters down to choice). I am impressed with the direction in which UBUNTU is going to make it a true desktop distro.

Oct 13, 2004
8:47 AM EDT
"Fixed and standard desktop" is relative I think. Redhat came close by making KDE and Gnome look identical with BlueCurve. I personally like having the choice of desktop environments, or none at all. But then, I'm perfectly capable of installing them on my own, so they don't necessarily have to be bundled with the distro... just makes my life a mite easier.

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