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Story: SCO develops second thoughts about Groklaw alternativeTotal Replies: 2
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Nov 02, 2004
4:46 AM EDT runs on Windows 2k with apache. SCO's own 'enterprise ' isn't strong enough to handle a webserver..

To make matters worse at least 50 other webservers for the same IP net block are running linux and apache.

Now I thought Linux was nothing compared to SCO's Unixware, and Open Server??

AIX, IRIX, Solaris all have strong points over Linux, but I guess not SCO's offerings.

Nov 02, 2004
5:35 AM EDT
Let me compliment you for your observations! You have more content than the entire story, which your comment is atteched.

Nov 02, 2004
6:18 AM EDT
The Yahoo Finance message board for SCOX is always buzzing about something. yesterday's target was with lot's of IP, telent, netcraft, nmap scans going it's way.

It does get a lot of noise though. And some people won't shut up about other probelms. It's not for everyone to wade through at times. But the moment the 'site' went live it was being dissected.

On the plus side, it loks like the win 2k box is uptodate with firewall software, with extra ports closed down.

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