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Feb 24, 2005
4:51 AM EDT
If only Molly were the only pinhead getting this sort of stuff published. Check this one out:

Suddenly there's a number of journalists independently jumping on the "Firefox Sucks" bandwagon? I'm not buying that. This is a concerted effort.

Feb 24, 2005
5:16 AM EDT
SFN: Yes, this is interesting. I'm sure, no wait, positive that no large PR firms are behind it. You know, like Waggon-Wheel-Egg-Storm -- Microsoft's PR firm.

They would never do something like this. *cough* Never.

Feb 24, 2005
10:34 AM EDT
Enderle. Hahaha, what a jerk. I guess even jerks have to get paid.

Feb 24, 2005
10:49 AM EDT
This guy is comical...

He states,

"Firefox is in version 1.0. Typically, if any of us suggested someone deploy a 1.0 product, even if it came from IBM or Microsoft (or particularly if it came from Microsoft), they would rightfully laugh us out of the room. 1.0 products are largely unknown when it comes to defects; most professionals won't use beta products, and most of us know that a 1.0 release typically has a lot of problems. It's generally better to wait until version 1.1 before deploying software, to insure that the early adopters--and not you--feel the pain of using a product before it is fully tested.. "

So, if the developers from firefox would have deployed a different naming scheme, then everything would be just fine eh? They should have done firefox v2.1 and things would have been on the up and up? What a croc. Don't worry about the 25 million "beta testers" that are out there simultaneously making a better product each and every day.

This guy's journalism is version .20 and hasn't even been beta tested yet. He shoulda spent more time in the planning phase before deploying his mouth.

Feb 24, 2005
11:22 AM EDT

"Replacing Internet Explorer causes incompatibilities," said Jay Heiser, director of research, infosecurity and risk at Gartner. "It would require a lot of web development to ensure that applications worked on two different browsers."

I always thought that it was simply a matter of designing pages to meet W3C standards and from that point it was up to browser manufacturers to make sure that their products also met those standards.

Time to start a new lxer DB.

First three entries:

Molly Wood Rob Enderle Jay Heiser

Feb 24, 2005
11:32 AM EDT
I second that call!

Feb 25, 2005
10:16 AM EDT
So, we learn MS still resorts to FUD through all its quislings... remember the earlier, abandoned, FUD wars?

Oh well, dust off an old tool and try it all over again...

You know you're hurting them when...

But, then they pull out the $$$ and every other stop they can muster to 'compete' based on their priceless 'value added'.

Handcuffs? OH, the HANDcuffs! They're there to PROTECT you from nasty, dangerous, open source software!!

Microsoft, we care!

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