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Apr 01, 2005
6:50 AM EDT
Paulie --

Does that mean you're going to get ALL of your on-screen space?

And how will I ever keep up with Microsoft's latest advances if we don't have great big ads right where I can keep them.

BTW --- Have you seen the story (out today) about Opera's new SoundWave p2p technology?

I think it could catch on.

Apr 01, 2005
7:00 AM EDT
I was hoping Lxer wouldn't catch the slashdot 4-1 bug.

It's bad enough on the net today, but come on let's be serious for just one day.

It's not like we don't make those wise cracks all year long anyway.

Apr 01, 2005
7:12 AM EDT
> BTW --- Have you seen the story (out today) about Opera's > new SoundWave p2p technology? > > I think it could catch on.

Dean -- as usual I see you're trying to cloud the waters with your biased attitudes about proprietary software. (Yes, by the way, I AM going to get all of my on-screen space -- enough to show a full-height picture of myself). We were talking about LXer.com here, though, not Opera. As usual, you're trying to change the subject -- if only you could follow my lead and logic, you would find yourself with a much clearer and more comprehensive view of alternate realities. But I suspect that at the base of your claims, relating to all of your references to blender and the graphics and the like, lies a much more graphic/sound intensive problem.

You multi-media hackers are all alike.

You crouch in the dust of your sound-recording booths, nothing but the smell of ozone-producing karaokie machines and the glow of multi-meter (or dare I say, "multi-media-multi-meter") dials to guide your way. You thought you'd pop on here, and just sway the conversation your way with some flashing animated gifs probably, but we're on to you -- we see you for the blinking mpg-strewn, flash generating, sound-byte laden sinister figure that you really are.

But this is but the beginning of a bitter battle of unbalanced bitmapped bipolarism. We can be crazier on the graphic front than you and your kind. We can beat you at your own game. Just you watch! Then (THEN!) we'll see what catches on.


Apr 01, 2005
7:15 AM EDT
peragrin: It's actually a newswire tradition. Slashdot wasn't by any means the first. Sorry -- didn't mean to offend. --FeriCyde

Apr 01, 2005
7:25 AM EDT
Wow! This is totally wicked!

One minor quibble though... Its not enough!

I have disabled all content through my account settings, as suggested in the article, but its not enough. I'm afraid that I might be missing some great advertising your sponsor wants to show me.

Could you please add some logic that detects when I'm logged in to a 2-headed display enabled computer? That way I could see different adds on each monitor, instead of just the same one repeated.

maybe lxer could use a new slogan, like "Content is for weenies!"

Thanx for the fun.

Apr 01, 2005
7:32 AM EDT
Paulie, Paulie, Paulie,

Your inability to keep up with the new moving pictures/sound paradigm (or is that pair o' dimes?) would make me sad if I weren't already pitying your 80x24 green phospher outlook.

BTW, I have no problem with you getting a full-height photo. After all, how much space could that take?

Apr 01, 2005
8:57 AM EDT
Dino, Paul has outlock express for 80x24 green terminals. wow, Paul where can I get one? That way i can run windows on my old dec alpha box

Paul, you didn't offend, you just didn't get the humour that went into it.

do i have to explain?????? please tell me someone got it, I know it wasn't that good but come on people.

Apr 01, 2005
9:15 AM EDT
peragrine --

I feel your pain.

I try to help Paulie understand the subtleties of grown-up humor, but, face it, the poor little guy has yet to scale our heights.

Apr 01, 2005
9:23 AM EDT

Thanks I feel much better now. But he still didn't tell me were I can buy MSFT windows XP for my Alpha, It uses an 80x24 terminal window for status. I wanna run the latest and greatest software ever on that machine.



Apr 01, 2005
9:32 AM EDT
Microsoft is very very anxious to sell you XP for your Alpha. After all, why would they drop support for one of the finest (64bit no less) architectures ever developed?

The key is to understand Microsoft's internal nomenclature, which tends to favor place names, like Cairo. Even Longhorn was supposed to be Long Island, but the PR flack couldn't spell Island and Word's spell checker had no problem with "I land".

Any way, code name for XP/Alpha is "The Brooklyn Bridge".

As always, Microsoft stands ready and eager to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. For that matter, I might be willing to sell it to you for less...


Apr 01, 2005
10:11 AM EDT
Well, Paulie: Be aware!

There's an upcoming story about GeNToo, which is Gentoo / RMS on NT kernel. It's in the pending queue right now. It's WinNT (kernel) with no graphics! What a great improvement! Only text!

That way you could use Windows for your 80x24 Outlock Express.

Apr 01, 2005
10:39 AM EDT
okay okay already. I don't know how you guys cracked into my DOS 3.1 system -- especially since it's not connected to a network! But somehow you did it. Now that it's been compromised -- I know it has -- I found hidden files in the root directory of the C: drive, and when I removed them it refused to boot -- now that it's been hacked, I have to reload it and reconfigure it to run WordPerfect and all of my favorite productivity software, like QEMMs task switching software, for example. Those TSRs rule my world.

It's those lines in the config.sys that always take the most time. I can't believe you guys hacked this -- I was working on that full height image of myself for the site, too. Oh, and you can make fun of my vertically challenged stature all you want 'trac'd one -- don't think I didn't catch all of those subtle references to my height -- I see some things never change.

PS: Keep your stupid IO.SYS virus programs to yourself!


Apr 01, 2005
11:33 AM EDT
I am sorry for installing those viruses over my Telepathetic Network. Didn't you know your computer ran my BIOS(Basic Internetwork Operating System?) It isn't fast like this new thing they call The Internet but it works for basic data usage. The BIOS uses the Telepathetic Network to load up a mini Operating System in order load up bigger OS's. Every OS designer pays me annual fees to activate a computer remotely and to give it permission to load up an OS.

People who pay me Linus Torvlads, Billy Gates, that skyOS guy, robert ------ Andrew Tanebaum Sun Micro Steve Jobs, BEOS All the BSD's(way behind in their bills I am gonna have to kill them off soon) and many more.

You see when you push the power button on your computer it sends a signal to my central servers asking to load up an OS. The Server's then checks to see if the OS vendor has paid his dues, and has enough licenses free. If so it then authorizes your computer and tells it how to boot.

That's why your computer doesn't always boot you didn't have a proper OS installed or one with enough free licenses for you to be able to use one.

Apr 04, 2005
4:35 AM EDT
Late as usual to post, i've been to busy with WoW, but i love the new layout so much I might even customize my layout to incorporate these changes permanently, you will find my new layout should you choose to use it here linuxtoday.com

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