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Apr 06, 2005
11:22 AM EDT
Email is on Exchange. Uptime 14 days and needs a reboot. Active Directory server. Uptime 23 days needs a reboot, but we can't let it go down. Televantage server, Win2k. Had to reboot while posting this.

Rough cost: $13,000 (including licensing and hardware)

Webservices, including website, admin site, CRM, Project Managment & Reporting. Uptime 192 days and running strong.

Rough cost: $800 (including licensing and hardware)

Apr 06, 2005
3:19 PM EDT
If you can add "backup AD controller" to your $800 box, maybe you can safely bounce the primary? Regularly?

Apr 06, 2005
5:20 PM EDT
Why is it that you need a seperate server for many different functions under Windows, yet Linux can handle more than one function at a time.

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