Why Not a Completly New Name?

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Apr 12, 2005
7:29 AM EDT
Mandrake is one of the distro's I have not tried so I do not have an opinion about how good or bad it is,but, if I was a part of the voting process for a new name I would have gone the route of coming up with a completely new name. I am sorry but Mandriva just sounds bad in English and there is no way around it. Its not like if they chose a completely new name that nobody would know who they were, or what their name used to be. I am sure that the powers that be were not very concerned about how their name would sound in English if they are based out of France and Brazil. With that said I think it a good thing that a Linux O.S. producing company can get out of debt and succeed enough to expand and make a positive contribution to the Open Source movement and still make a little money doing it.

Apr 12, 2005
8:51 PM EDT
Well...the name is completely stupid IMHO. They could have named it CRAPTIVA and it would have been better.

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