Story: OSDL boss hints at Microsoft collaborationTotal Replies: 0
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Jul 11, 2005
5:37 PM EDT
I find this as good news only in one aspect which is, MS is conceding. Not only it was unable of killing Linux, it also failed to stop Linux proliferation. They tried all means and were unsuccessful. I see its planned move to be more dangerous than ever. A poisonous snake will never relinquish its deadly venom because its survival depends on it. In order for FOSS to flourish, MS has to go. There is no need for MS any more. FOSS has superior basic applications and tools and vendors will supplement the rest of application necessary for enterprise. Why should we be welcoming MS developing their application for Linux if they are only useful during the transition period? There is no need for its applications in the long run. FOSS community should be very very careful at this stage because if MS fail at it, they will be fighting for their last breath like a wounded animal. We will never know what they will attempt at.

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