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Aug 17, 2005
1:33 PM EDT
"Laura DiDio is a Research Fellow at Yankee Group, a Boston-based consultancy. She has covered operating systems and related security issues for 18 years as an analyst, reporter and editor."

She really should try covering them as an administrator.

Aug 17, 2005
3:51 PM EDT
I don't understand who still read her stuff? She disappeared for a while and I thought we have seen the last of her, I was wrong. I guess they keep coming back when ever they sniff the green stuff.

Aug 17, 2005
5:04 PM EDT

Let me get this straight...

Laura's article said...

1. Windows, Linux, and Unix are all legitimate competitors for corporate dollars, and

2. Companies should try to know what IT costs them.

Stop the Presses!! This will come as news to everyone.

Aug 18, 2005
2:49 AM EDT
Given the didiot's pro-SCO history, there's no way to trust anything she says.

Aug 18, 2005
6:46 AM EDT
Quoting:Given the didiot's pro-SCO history, there's no way to trust anything she says.
Given the fact that She said SCO had a strong case, and then ate her words when the Judge said to date SCO had not shown a single line of copyright infringing code. Of course it was fun to hear her choke. I can't wait or this damn thing to be over with. Then Ask her why SCO never showed the judge the lines ofcode that she herself was shown as proof.

Aug 18, 2005
8:28 PM EDT
Oh, SCO showed code that looked compelling.. if you are a know-nothing "analyst." Of course, when it was shown in the open, talented people that really know their stuff saw it for what it was.. a sham. Kinda shows you how powerful this open/transparency/sunshine stuff is, doesn't it?

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