How do you add tabs into a comment?

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Sep 12, 2005
11:26 AM EDT
Your system seems to crop out spaces at the beginning of a line.

Sep 12, 2005
11:29 AM EDT
It's standard HTML here - nothing fancy. You can't do tabs in HTML and that's the problem.

You could use entities, but that'd be getting fancy.

      dave (indented with entities)

Sep 12, 2005
12:12 PM EDT
Not kidding about           Fancy!

          If you have to edit, you lose your tabs everytime!

Jan 06, 2006
8:15 AM EDT
Hello I'm only 13 but I'm in to website designing dose anyone know how to do Meta tabs?

Jan 06, 2006
10:42 AM EDT

look here

Or just google, there is lots out there.

Jan 11, 2006
11:23 PM EDT
Ok, it's 3 am and why am I up? I have to deal with the results of another Windows screw-up; this time, I have not one but two missing drives-cd-rom and dvd. I finally gave in and bought a Dell w/Windows 2000-reconditioned, I didn't want to throw good money after bad) and now all I do, it seems, is troubleshoot this and the two laptops my kids bought in my spare time! Hey, I have to do this at work, and now I come home to do it again? Windows blows and so I'm reaching out of the abyss for help. I need some info on getting a fast AND reliable pc/laptop with a user friendly Linux OS (that I won't have to spend the next month learning to use) that I can expand to my taste without blowing a month's salary on it. I see you all have been discussing some very reasonably priced laptops with Redhat and Mandrake or FreeDos so I would trly appreciate some guidance. I'm a single mom of two very lazy boys (17 and 18) who think I'm a geek-but I'm not. I've old enough to remember (and used) plain old DOS at school and work, which I taught myself as well as the early Apple and Mac pc. Maybe I am a bit of a geek but I know very little about Linux other than the fact that it's out there, it's the alternative to Microsoft and that there virtually no support from the bif pc makers (HP, Dell, etc.) and that people who use it love it. Help me? I'll be on for a bit longer-then its's up at 8 am to get tp work

Jan 12, 2006
3:11 AM EDT
I have managed to replace Windows on 2 out of our 3 PC's, I keep one dual boot to support my gaming habit. We use Slackware and PCLinuxOS.

PCLinuxOS is the one i would recommend for your needs as its very easy to use and install and it also runs directly from CD so you can try it out first before seriously migrating they also have a very helpful community forum for support, you can get it from here

If you are looking for a product with paid support i would recommend Mandriva formerly Mandrake

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with any of the above distro's, just a satisfied user

Jan 12, 2006
5:04 AM EDT
First, if you are new to Linux go here and read how Linux is not Windows:

Did you read it? Make sure you did.

Now, after having read the above link, my suggestions...

Windows users might feel comfortable with one of the commercial distributions that try to appeal to the Windows crowd like Linspire or Xandros:

I would suggest a debian based distro like Mepis:

You can download Mepis for free and just use the very active and supportive community for support, or choose one of the commercial options.

up until last year I would have recommended Libranet over any other distribution, but with the passing of their founder the distribution's future is unclear.

Jan 12, 2006
6:27 AM EDT
hexen1 - For me Fedora Core 3 was a pleasure to put on my IBM T-30 laptop, that had been running a very broken Mandrake 9.1 Pro version. Since I was fixing the latter piece by piece with manual installation of working components I am willing to put up with more grief than you have time for.

My son has a Dell laptop that he found installed even the Mandrake versions well. Your problem will be if you wish to retain the Win 2K partitions you will not be able to install the /home directory separately. (2K takes 2 partitions, Linux is then limited to / (root) with every other directory built there and the swap. If you go this route back up /home and perhaps /etc directories routinely. When you upgrade you will need to put your /home back in from the backup and some of the /etc files for configuration if you wish to retain the same setup.

From what I have read on other comments here, Dell actually may have been a very good choice for Linux, because it mostly works. I do not have experience in other distributions personally, hence, I do not wish to advise other distributions that are probably better than the ones I have experience.

Longer term your work load and security issues will be lessened using Linux, good luck and check back to be directed to sites where your questions can be answered even more efficiently.

Jan 12, 2006
6:41 AM EDT

If you use extended partitions instead of just primary, you can have your '/', '/home', and your '/swap' be seperate. You are not limited to four on an ide drive.

Here is a link:

Windows can address extended partitions, but likes to be installed in primary partitions.

Jan 12, 2006
7:23 AM EDT
number6x - correct me if I am wrong. Until recently I have not found distribution upgrades to work well (currently i am suffering and shocked with a distribution upgrade that went very badly), hence, a new installation on an extended partition would require reformatting. Could you protect the /home on the extended partition from a reformat? If not you still need to protect /home.

I no longer encounter this difficulty, since I no longer go the command line route to set up my partitions. I am using a tower with two different Linux distributions on separate drives. Moreover, I boot access to the second using the /etc/fstab file, e.g. /dev/hdb1 /mnt/ubuntu when I boot the Debian.

Jan 12, 2006
8:39 AM EDT
You do not have to reformat the extended partition if you re-install, but you will have to handle any needed changes (say in .rc files) on your own.

The re-install vs. upgrade argument seems to be an issue with Red Hat based systems. I haven't tried Red Hat since 4.3 so I don't know why there seems to be a problem. I can't really help you.

I don't think you should have to re-format any partitions to upgrade.

SuSE is rpm based. I have upgraded a single install from 7.3 to 10.0 using yast without re-formatting. I only did a fresh install on 7.3 to use to reiser fs, otherwise I would have upgraded instead of installed.

I've never reinstalled my debian based systems, just upgraded with apt-get.

If I've mis-understood you and you are asking about converting an existing two partition set up into a three partition set up, then I'm sorry you will have to re-format. Back up your existing root '/' partition, with a home directory. back up your home directory contents seperately. (The root backup is for safety, you only need the '/home' for this)

  • Re-format and create the three partitions.
  • Install the same version of your distro as your backup, add all the software and updates you were using, so you are at the same level as your backup is.
  • Boot off of a version of Linux like puppy that runs in ram, so your cd or dvd is free
  • Mount your backup '/home' dvd (or cd's or tapes. )
  • untar your '/home' to the new third partition '/home' overwriting the new with all your old stuff.
  • Reboot to your three partition system
  • Then, if needed, upgrade your system.
  • Abe

    Jan 12, 2006
    3:33 PM EDT
    You will get the best advice if you let us know what hardware you have, what software apps. you use, and what you like to use your/kids' computer(s) for. Linux is very powerful and capable but some distros still have few kinks in certain areas. Give details and I guarantee you will get the best advice and help here on Lxer. I am not criticizing any one, but keep in mind that the suggestions you got already are mainly perspectives and influenced by the people who gave them due to their specific needs and experience with Linux. What you want depends on what you need.

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