Alright, Yaahoooo, Good luck, Awesome Job Dave.

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Sep 22, 2005
10:50 AM EDT
Congratulations on the growth of this site.

Of course when you know your audience, cater to them, they will come in flocks and droves.

Side note your spell checker has bad spelling for audeince.

Sep 22, 2005
11:11 AM EDT
LXer is great! Congratulations. As a recovering former ZDNet employee, I appreciate LXer more than you'll ever know!

Sep 22, 2005
11:24 AM EDT
Congrats from this user as well. This one of few quality open source news sites and my go to spot for daily news.

Sep 22, 2005
1:33 PM EDT
As one who lamented and, sadly, continues to lament, the first change of ownership of LT, I was heartened to see this site appear. When I first visited LXer I was apprehensive that my memories might have become so embellished by time that I would be disappointed with this site. I need not have worried.

Isn't it strange how quality, like cream, rises to the surface.

Well done.

Sep 22, 2005
3:46 PM EDT
Quoting:Isn't it strange how quality, like cream, rises to the surface.

And still, Paulie boy and I still hang around the place.

Just shows that you've got to take the bad with the good.

But it's true: Yet another great launch by Mr. Dave.

Sep 22, 2005
6:06 PM EDT
Congratulations. The site keeps getting better and I look forward to reading it for years.

Sep 22, 2005
8:12 PM EDT
Thank you all for the kind words! LXer is a fun project and something that I really enjoy doing and Tom has really provided a tremendous (TREMENDOUS) amount of help in the past few months. Bjorn (bstadil) has also been a big help and I really appreciate both of them.

I'm excited to see LXer on into many years of good Linux coverage, and adding folks to the team will only improve the odds of seeing that happen.

best, dave

Sep 23, 2005
12:04 AM EDT
Im last as usual, congratulations to Tom and Dave, its a great site.

Sep 23, 2005
12:11 AM EDT
No you're not last this time. I still have to give my congratulations too!

Well, congratulations for your achievement, Dave and Tom!

Sep 26, 2005
9:22 PM EDT
I heard about lxer when Dave was on the Linux Show and have been a regular ever since. It's a beautifully uncluttered site - long may it stay that way. Restful to the eyes and heart. Some great people here too.

If anyone is wants to know what sal paradise does when they let him out in the daytime.

Sep 27, 2005
1:58 AM EDT
Yep, site is nice and simple which suits me just fine, I also heard Dave on the Linux Show which prompted me to take a look, glad i did.

Also it looks like the Linux Show may also be on its way back, hopefully.

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