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Sep 28, 2005
5:05 AM EDT
I LOVE 'ix OSes, and hold little love of Micro$oft's products. That said I found the article was seriously biased against M$, and pro-Linux to the degree that it bordered on propaganda.

1. It can take MANY hours of frustration to configue Linux on a laptop, the same as Windows, as laptops often have specialized hardware for which drivers are not included on the install CDs for either OS.

2. Choosing an ISP that is linux friendly would have helped, as it would have been compatable with the M$ dialer, negating the need for a propriatary dialer. This information is available in the internet. I used Earthlink for YEARS without the Earthlink propritary software, and just the M$ dialer.

3. Given the security issues that are well known, and well publicized for M$, why didn't you download and install the anti-virus and firewall software FIRST. That is like moving from the country to the city, where it is KNOWN there is more crime, not installing a lock on your door, and whining about it when the thieves enter and rob you blind. M$ has the market share so the hackers target it, not to mention the sloppy security of M$ in the first place. SP2 for XP closed a LOT of holes but it's not perfect.

4. 56k is slow no matter WHAT OS you have, and loading a fast-render browser (like Firefox or Opera only goes so far in helping)

Sep 29, 2005
3:27 PM EDT
I have found just the opposite. My current laptop, an older Thinkpad 600X was bought without an OS installed. I had no manuals, no help desk, no drivers.

I installed the machine as a dual boot Win98SE/SuSE Linux 9.0

Windows took extra time and effort to install. I had to hunt drivers, test things and in general fuss with the settings and drivers. A day and a half of pecking at the project. I had full access to a functioning broadband connection. And windows still does not like my networking cards.

After I had installed Windows I dropped the SuSE disk in the machine, made a few choices and 40 minutes later I had a fully functioning Linux install. The only software I have added is Mozilla. My wireless card worked right out of the box, and it has no problem using the wired card either. Drop them both in and you get a wireless to wired router if you add a switch.

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