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Oct 23, 2005
11:01 PM EDT
"Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Or maybe it's that Power is addictive, so utterly addictive that once tasted, more or less anything becomes acceptable in the maintenance and increase of that power. The biggest problem being the mutual covering of asses that takes place in the name of power.

On the international scene there can be no meaningful control of such companies/nations until there is an international body with the teeth to bite hard enough and the power to over-ride sovereign national authority. What would have to happen to make America (or any other country for that matter) acknowledge another authority as greater than it's own? Respectfully - if America won't acknowledge the UN properly, won't share the control of the DNS system and won't play hardball with it's own corruption, then there is little hope.

That history is being re-written is no surprise. That Microsoft have the ability to do this via the EULA is also no surprise (the EULA does grant them permission to scan and change any computers content). That they are actively doing this is some surprise because someone will (already has) noticed.

As to what you do about it...

I am a refusenik. I refuse to go along with this. Refuse to use their third rate code.

If only people weren't so damned impressed with piles of money. It's so depressing.

I suppose we have to shout this loud and clear. Get the press in on it. And hope it doesn't get twisted into an excuse to "get everybody registered and licensed so we can trace all such things back to their perpetrators".

We need our own website called "gotthefacts.com" that contains nothing more than a list of companies who've already changed over, real facts and figures (like how much money has been diverted from schools to the MS coffers in the name of license fees) and all the accounts of Microsoft destroying small companies, bribing Governments/officials, rewriting history to suit themselves etc. A site that has so many mirrors it would take years to find them all and stop them.

We could do with a film along the lines of "Supersize Me" but aimed at Microsoft as well.

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