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Oct 27, 2005
11:22 PM EDT
No fair! I was fat and nearsighted long before I got a computer ;-) Recently though I've been lifting weights and running laps in a gym and I'm building muscle and loosing weight. I always resented being forced into sports by my parents as a kid, but if you're that concerned about keeping your kids fit then you could consider that, or if they don't like that idea what about my personal favorite which is taking them to a gym.

Oct 28, 2005
2:09 AM EDT
The answer is simple.

Bicycle powered computers.

Net-heads would then be spotted a mile off by reason of having thighs like oak trees!

Geeks and hackers would be the healthiest people on earth.


Oct 28, 2005
4:43 AM EDT
sal: And then we'd have to have anti-doping controls for geeks, because some would just be too lazy to actually build muscle massa naturally and would rather use forbidden substances to speed up the thing.

Just look at the state of the professional biking world. You don't want that to happen in Geekdom. What Linux doesn't need is Linus being controlled positive for EPO ;) .

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