Some of us care...

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Nov 06, 2005
11:22 AM EDT
...about the morality of the companies around us. Some of us care about cash strapped schools being locked into contracts for software they can't afford. Some of us care about the small companies Microsoft has destroyed in order to get their assets. Some of us care because it's the mindset behind closed source and DRM that's the real danger.Some of us care because Microsoft have taken advantage of having a lot of money and love them or hate them, you have to admit they have undue influence. Some of us care because "one world, one web, one program" is not an acceptable goal for the human race. Some of us care because the idea of globalisation should be about a global community of assorted nationalities and races planning and acting in equality, with foresight and regard for human dignity and not some vast planet wide shopping mall where every town and city has the same shops and the same banks and the same adverts for the same products. Some of us care because Linux is a viable alternative and a lot of lies are told in order to confuse people and make them fear changing and if you like/love/work for something then it provokes a reaction when you come across those lies.

I think the market is such that if the balance tips far enough there's isn't a company on earth that will "stand by" microsoft.

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