Capitalist or Socialist?

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Nov 09, 2005
10:47 AM EDT
I'm curious. If libre software is supposed to be communist or socialist, then why does it empower so many capitalists to become entrepreneurs? I know that the business model is different, but that doesn't mean that libre software is somehow communist or socialist. I see it as quite the capitalist venture, albeit minus the greed factor.

Nov 09, 2005
10:57 AM EDT
Linux is communist because it was originally started by a Finnish student who spoke Swedish. Finland is close to Russian and the former Soviet states, so their influence caused the formation of the communist party in Finland.

Finland's elite Liberal Left went to Universities and of course, that means they are really pinko commies. Linus might be the real Sergi, a Soviet Spy educated to live in the US and occupy a position of power. We also believe that Alan Cox could be the reincarnation of Lenin - not John Lennon, thought that is possible. Both were members of the Communist party.

We definitely know that the Beatles were communists and a former member of the State Department has a list of 250 notable Linux people who are known Communists. Linux people like to listen to the Beatles music.

It's not unusal for people in power to line their pockets while the people work and toil for little to nothing.

Now, do you understand? Or did you want a serious answer?

Nov 09, 2005
11:15 AM EDT
And, since tadelste knows all that classified material... OHMYGOD!!!

Nov 09, 2005
11:55 AM EDT
Tom, it would not surprise me to see nearly the full contents posted on a political blog this evening as "proof" of the left wing conspiracy against the West! And then cited numerous times with snippets elsewhere.

Nov 09, 2005
12:01 PM EDT
Oh, my God, my country is in the same 'Union' as a communistic country! Finland should be ditched from the EU! I should check those Finnish Euro-coins in my room, because they may/will have camera's in them! Linux is spying on me!

Serious, at the moment, Google is true communistic, they are more and more like the DDR, spying people and getting all sorts of info out of them. The DDR also called themselves Democrats, just like the "Democratic Republic of North Korea". If you asked the DDR-commies, they would also tell you, they don't misuse the info they have about you.

Microsoft is also communistic, for telling on software pirates who violate the law, and getting them in jail. Microsoft has closed secret meetings, like the communist party, and people are not allowed to comment on the way they work, or influence their services. They are also buying politic influence, just like in communistic times. Windows security included also some backdoors for the NSA, so the government could use it to spy on people. If MS is concerned, you aren't allowed to have property on your PC. DRM will enable the State (via MS) to control what docs you read and what music you listen, and which programs you're allowed to run. Microsoft and Google also doesn't want the ICANN to lose their DNS-control, because than the US government/ MS can't control which pages people view (like the .xxx pages), and which not, anymore.

Linux/GNU/OpenDocs are liberal, for giving people freedom, and give them the opportunity to view their own files even without Linux, and change the system via democracy (like the Linux-mailing list, and the OASIS-group). It gives the power to the smart people representing us, but if we don't like that smart people, we can try to get rid of them. just like Plato meant democracy to be.

Nov 09, 2005
12:31 PM EDT
Don cha just love conspiracy theory's and urban legends. It seems it's in the human nature to craft a reason or meaning for everything even if the whole thing is just random events. Government agencies get paid to be the worst conspiracy buffs.

Oh... and hkwint, better ditch those Finish coins. If the CIA finds you with them, you'll end up over hot coals :)...

Nov 09, 2005
1:50 PM EDT
Well, at least I got a good giggle!

Nov 09, 2005
7:01 PM EDT
Oh and if you don't believe any of this invite Dick Cheney and his Nixon era "friends" around for a "tutorial". He'll soon have you seeing sense or yelling with pain.

Nov 09, 2005
7:41 PM EDT
You never know.

Nov 09, 2005
10:05 PM EDT
Hey! Maybe we can all get investigated by the Red Scare squad of the FBI, CIA, NIS, BSA, ATF, DEA, IRS, NEA, and a dozen other federal, state and local agencies!

Nov 09, 2005
10:22 PM EDT
/me takes names and reports to 1-800-FINKMOFF

Nov 10, 2005
1:53 AM EDT
Crap! All this time I loved the Beatles! No wonder I own so much pink clothing.

Guess I'll have to go out and burn those old albums. The clothing can go to goodwill -- maybe Dinotrac wants first cut at it...

Love, love me do! You know I'll be ... pink!?!

Nov 10, 2005
2:27 AM EDT
Paulie -

I don't wear pink clothes. They make me look fat.

Or something.

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