Story: IBM reckons Ubuntu is ready for enterpriseTotal Replies: 1
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Nov 09, 2005
11:32 AM EDT
I'll say it again. Blimey!

That's a bit of a poke in the eye for one or two other distros that have been around a bit longer.

On the other hand...

Nice one Ubuntu.


Nov 09, 2005
12:09 PM EDT
Hey, have you seen the latest on how Shuttleworth (the worthless) is going to take over the world with his Ubuntu scheming? Have you? They are more dangerous Novell or even Red Hat. Don't you believe it they are the good guys!! I heard it semi-directly from my brother-in-law, who heard a muffled conversation over a misdirected cell phone call where they discussed the U-Betchum Theory of constipated markets. First they pass on the disease, corner the market on over the counter remedies, then buy off all the medical people, then ...

I also write fiction for a fee.

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