The genie is out of the bottle

Story: Linux News Questions Microsoft's Need for a "Get the Facts" campaign?Total Replies: 6
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Nov 16, 2005
7:14 AM EDT
No "Get the Facts" campaign will be able to stuff the Linux genie back into the bottle.

M$ may, with great effort, slow the process down, but in the end "freedom" will win out.

Nov 16, 2005
7:48 AM EDT
One almost has to wonder how the guy got his job at the paper and yet not understand what Linux is, or for that matter, get into journalism and still be susceptible to slick spin tactics and PR razzle-dazzle.

Nov 16, 2005
8:01 AM EDT
He got the job because he went to SMU and majored in Journalism. He did writing for hire as a free lancer. Then one of the other guys (another dud) got hired at the NY Times. These guys are journalists, get a beat, go on trips to visit. They're more interested in getting their name on the article than digging for facts.

I spent most of the lunch listening to him. The President of the news paper asked him to interview me. He didn't interview me. He also has missed seriously important tech news in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. I mean who in this town gives a donut for what happens with Microsoft? How about funding annnouncements for startups in telecom corridor or news about EDS, Ericsson, etc.

Plenty exists to write about in Dallas. Why Microsoft? Was Bill that good?

Nov 16, 2005
9:14 AM EDT
Tom --

No kidding. I think most people would be shocked to know how much interesting tech news takes place in Dallas.

Been that way for a while, too.

Without even having to try, I can think of things like CompUSA (started as SoftwareHouse in a single store where you took empty boxes to a window and they got the real software for you), EDS, Perot Systems, Dac-Easy Accounting, Computer Associates, Convex Computing (my wife worked for them as a temp -- they made some sort of smaller, cheaper supercomputer, if you can imagine such a thing), Texas Instruments->which spawned Compaq, even if Compaq did open up shop in Houston, and, heck, Austin ain't a bad drive away, so why not claim Dell?

Don't know about you, but I think it takes a slow news day...or make Microsoft rise to the top of the list.


Nov 16, 2005
9:20 AM EDT
Tom, I fear I must display my fearfully high levels of naivete- don't journalism schools teach you to be, you know, skeptical? Suspicious of geeks bearing gifts? (sorry, couldn't resist) Alert for manipulation?

Nov 16, 2005
9:29 AM EDT
I can't tell you what they teach, just worked on the school newspaper. You get lab credits. 40 hours a week - 1 hr. credit. Did they actually teach anything? Do remember.

Nov 16, 2005
11:44 AM EDT
tuxchick --

Surely you don't expect the tech reporters to be any better than the goofs doing the front page?

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