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Story: Linux News Questions Microsoft's Need for a "Get the Facts" campaign?Total Replies: 2
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Nov 16, 2005
4:12 PM EDT
I don't believe the public has an awareness of the "Get the Facts" campaign. I consider it a bit evil, at least stupid and certainly anti-competitve and probably deceiving. They don't have one of those for Apple or Solaris. Microsoft has reserved this little gem just for Linux users to rub it in our faces.

We're reaching a lot of Linux people and a larger audience than even a month ago. We're are only a few votes a way from getting our story on the front page of digg.com so other OS users can see what we see almost every time we try to read a story on ZDNet or Linux whatever.

So, you might want to do something if you object to those ads. Like register at digg.com and vote.


Nov 16, 2005
8:35 PM EDT
In fact, you have 21 votes. So, you need four votes?

Nov 17, 2005
4:44 AM EDT
The article pulled 25 votes. I wonder how many votes Digg requires to move it to the frontpage.

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