Dorks? I thought we were geeks!

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Nov 17, 2005
6:22 PM EST
Anyone here old enough to remember "Revenge of the Nerds"? Just replace nerd with dork. Let's say it altogether now. "I am a dork." Combine that with a little of Churchill's attitude. We ought to post it in our blogs. We ought to proclaim it in the forums. We will shout it from the listservs. We will whisper it in our e-mails. I... am... a... dork.

O.k., pause to insert a little MLK. "We shall overcome some day!"

Now laugh.

Nov 18, 2005
2:49 AM EST
Gee Gilbert...

Nov 18, 2005
4:01 AM EST
I thought "dork" was a term of derision based on dislike, whereas "nerd" and "geek" were terms of derision based on envy.

I know what springs to mind when I need to ask for help, and it isn't "I need to find me a dork!"

Nov 18, 2005
5:14 AM EST
It's a slur from your friendly monopoly in Redmond, WA.

Nov 18, 2005
7:27 AM EST
In all seriousness, your article made a good point, Tom!

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