Some things money can't buy

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Nov 25, 2005
12:56 PM EDT
Knowing you made a difference can be such an incredible high. It's a feeling that can't be reproduced artifically. You can't take a pill or drink something that allows you to experience it.

Giving is one of those things. The idea that if you give you get has a catch. You can't give and expect to get. You have to give with no expectation of a return. That's the miracle of the process. It's called giving unconditionally. What a hard thing to do.


Nov 26, 2005
6:56 AM EDT
tadelste: a-men!

Nov 26, 2005
7:11 AM EDT
Just being yourself, really yourself, with someone else is more than most people ever give.

Or know how.

tadelste - you are so correct, your like "corrector" :-)

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