"Legal" DVD Players for Linux

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Nov 30, 2005
8:46 PM EDT
It's unfortunate that some announced DVD players for Linux are available only for embedded applications, like dedicated hardware. They don't help Linux desktop endusers. However, there are at least two "legal" solutions to my knowledge - one is bundled with Turbolinux version 10F, which includes a version of Cyberlink's PowerDVD. It works, but is a bit buggy. The other is an add-on for Linspire, available for a paid download from their "Click-N-Run" repository. Windows users pay for DVD players like WinDVD or PowerDVD; if such were available to add to any Linux distribution, some folks would pay for it, especially if its installation were painless.

Nov 30, 2005
10:06 PM EDT
If I go the trouble of buying a DVD, as far as I am concerned it's mine and I'll play it where I like and when I like. (Though I wouldn't seek to profit from owning it). I use Linux all the time and don't use Windows at all, so to be frank, I don't give a wet slap that some bunch of suits think they can tell me what to do with my DVD. They took my money now it's time for them to shut up as they've had their slice.

This sort of control freakery is beyond sanity. Are you not entitled to fair use of your purchase? Is playing back the film, providing you don't seek to make lots of copies or charge others to watch, on a platform of your choice fair use?

DRM = Digital Religious Madness DMCA = Digital Media Castration Act RIAA = Recording Industry Asshole Association

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