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Dec 05, 2005
9:42 PM EDT
Xbox 360s flags ALL your activities to anyone who cares to look!

XBox is crashing with Blue Screens of Death:

Video of crash and other links from XBox-Scene News:

MS' console a Trusted Platform?

Initial Xbox 360 reviews good not great

"There have been several postings over at Xbox-scene complaining of crashing Xbox's on new games, with default settings on single player. Crashes on Xbox Live and on startup have been reported too, and Project Gotham Racing 3 crashes before finishing the first lap. Screenshots and Video are available showing the crash."

The 360 DVD player. It's just not good. "I've thrown a few discs at it, with mixed results. The good news is that it is a progressive scan DVD player, and so far it has played every burned DVD I've thrown at it. The bad news is the video quality just isn't that great. On Episode 3 it looked decent, but my Samsung progressive player blew it out of the water. On other discs I noticed so very apparent dithering and artifacts in the black areas of the screen. While it's a nice bonus, don't expect this to replace a good DVD player in your home theater. "

"Representatives claimed that the leaked pictures of the 360 power supply was only for their protoype. As we can see now... they weren't exactly telling the truth. Gonna need a strong forarm to carry that 360 home from the store!!"

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