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Dec 06, 2005
1:37 AM EDT
I've been interested in using open source for ages - I've used an open source browser since I first got a computer to call my own and more recently started using things like SciTE, OOo, etc. - but was put off Linux by, well, FUD, basically. My older brother works as a network admin with Linux and swears by it but I thought it probably wasn't for me because I like an OS that "just works", not one that I have to (or even am able to) tinker with to get it to do want Iwant.

However, I tried Ubuntu Linux / Gnome about 3 months ago on my laptop and absolutely love it, particularly the package manager, so I formatted my laptop and put a full install on. Apart from a few early bugs in 5.10, which the Ubuntu team sorted pretty swiftly, I've had absolutely no problem with it. Indeed, the first time I managed to crash it was only last week, thanks to some bug in Firefox 1.5.

Much as I hate it, I have to keep a Windows install for my work as a web designer - ie4linux just doesn't work well enough in my experience - although it frequently goes untouched week on week, if not month on month. It's now broken because I haven't been bothered to register it yet and I'm naturally pretty loath to give Bill Gates more of my details than _absolutely_ necessary.

Dec 06, 2005
9:45 AM EDT
"the first time I managed to crash it was only last week, thanks to some bug in Firefox 1.5."

Are you saying that Linux or just FireFox that crashed? An application on Linux is not supposed to be able to crash Linux unless it is a hardware driver. If Linux that did crash, are you sure it was not due to a hardware/driver problem? I am not saying Linux doesn't ever crash, but I have been using it for 6 years, I had apps crash, but never had Linux crash on me once.

Dec 06, 2005
12:33 PM EDT
I agree Abe, the only time it crashed for me was when the video card fan locked up.

Dec 06, 2005
2:57 PM EDT
I had problems with my digital camera locking up SUSE 9.2 completely. I lost all functionality if I plugged my camera into the USB port. Whatever the problem then, it's fixed under SUSE 10.0. However, that is the only problem I recall as far as GNU/Linux crashing.

Dec 06, 2005
5:53 PM EDT
Don, That is what I was referring to as driver issue. I had those too but was always able to kill X-DM to log back in or kill the offending process. But for all intensive purposes it is a problem but not necessarily a Linux crash. On a server, that makes a big difference.

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