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Dec 17, 2005
12:58 PM EDT
It has always puzzled me how MS could buy the support of whole Government bodies, without leaving some evidence of mass corruption. The buying of votes or the influencing of a few Government members is easier, but does not guarantee a majority decision.

So is the political system itself in need of an overhaul, so that accountability for not representing the best interests of the "people" (as in "we the people") is always unavoidable? Or is corruption and self interest and influence pedaling just too deeply ingrained in the political, judicial, and media landscape?

Or is there a secret agreement between MS and the US Government, about some back door in the software that allows Government spying? What is the explanation for such seeming undue influence? The Chinese Government seems to have some thoughts about this same issue too, which limits the "pre-install" process somewhat in China. But there is still a lot of "Open-Source" MS product in China.

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