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Jan 07, 2006
12:41 PM EDT
I'm looking forward to all those marvelously up-to-date boxen that will be left out at the side of the road on Trash Day when it comes out, by all those people still suckered-in by MS (Vista wants a half a gig of DRAM just to run right??). All they need is a quick vacuuming inside and out to get the dust off the chips and fans, and then an install of {insert favorite distro here}, and then they run as if they were never polluted. Think of it as a kind of minor Reverse-Darwin Award for yourself.

Jan 07, 2006
2:59 PM EDT
One more good thing about Vista's requirement it that notebook graphics will finally become decent.

Everything else on a cheap notebook is fine now or upgradable except the graphics. Vista will require decent 3d acceleration so no notebook will be able to get by with crummy Intel chip-set integrated Graphics

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