Egads! Linux users may violate the law?

Story: Linux Users May Be Breaking U.S. Securities LawsTotal Replies: 2
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Jan 18, 2006
1:42 PM EST
What a twisted title! "Linux Users May Be Breaking U.S. Securities Laws".

This has little to do with Linux. This has to do with companies who violate the GPL. Linux is one of thousands of programs licensed under the GPL.

Perhaps the title should be "Violating GPL (on embedded Linux) May Be Breaking U. S. Securities Law (Sarb-Ox)."

Jan 18, 2006
2:21 PM EST
Hear! Hear!

Jan 19, 2006
12:27 AM EST
According to their arguments, company would break the law if it would violate ANY license, not only the GPL. However, only the GPL gets bashed, why am I not surprised.

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