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Story: Linux not standing in wait as Microsoft sinks its own shipTotal Replies: 0
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Jan 26, 2006
5:37 PM EDT
Thanks Tom. You are right on the money with this one. Nicely done! Sadly though we live in a world of lagging indicators, hapless commentators, and thoroughly compromised analysts and journalists. Was 2004 the last hurrah? Has the Open Internet prevailed against the Redmond onslaught?

A rat is most dangerous when cornered, confused and threatened. Microsoft is lashing out with strong arm tactics of all sorts including media intimidation, patent threats, law suits (SCO) and politically inspired corruption of both our democratic governing process, and the Rule of Law. These are just stalling tactics. Sooner or later Microsoft has to counter with compelling products that are bound to the Open Internet instead of the C drive. This would demand such an amazing turn around in business processes, software design, and business objectives as to be impossible. For this to happen, neither Linux nor the Open Internet would have a shot at killing Microsoft. No, to pull off this impossible 180, Microsoft would have to kill itself.


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