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Feb 23, 2006
1:09 PM EDT
There are many who write about Open Source, forever arguing, postulating and theorizing about "success". The challenge of building both community and economic value. And then there are those who just do it.

I for one am most thankful that the armies of theorist and postulators can now write about how it's done. Thanks Tom for not only walking us through this stunning blueprint for FLOSS success, but also for challenging and changing the open source discussion. I wonder if the "Society of Pundits and Pontificators Who Get It" has heard the clarion wake up call of the JBoss blueprint?

I hope that important FLOSS communities like my beloved can rise to the occasion and learn from the JBoss blueprint. I would be very interested in how you rated OOo using the JBoss Maturity model and blueprint of software, support, documentation, training, community participation, integration and professional services. If i hear you right, it would appear as if Sun has missed the boat by trying to introduce two competing products based on the same code base, OOo and SO?

Maybe what Sun should be doing is consolidating everything behind the OOo product, and offering professional services and support based on entirely on I know there are many in Sun who who would support that, and perhaps the JBoss story will help them to make their case. There are still those in Hamburg who passionately and with great determination continue to carry the torch for StarOffice. They are motivated still by the original Marco Boerries vision that it will be StarOffice that cracks open the iron fisted grip of Microsoft Office.

I'm all for inspired motivation. But i also believe there are tactics and strategies of war that work. And there are those that don't.

+1 the JBoss blueprint. And thanks for making the case,

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