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May 01, 2006
9:55 PM EDT
To release one operating system with poor security could be assigned to oversight. To release OS after OS with the same hopeless security begins to look like either gross incompetence or design.

It's called having a vested interest. There is now a vested interest on both sides to not sort Windows out as this would in turn lead to loss of revenue from technical support and a loss of revenue from products designed and sold to "fix windows". (Anyone who tells you MS can't sort this is lying. No one on earth has the wealth available to Microsoft, if they're not prepared to use it to sort out their own products but would rather spend it bending the law, crushing the opposition and spreading lies then they deserve all that's coming to them).

The other side of this is the constant wittering from MS sympathisers how the only reason Linux isn't likewise afflicted is is down to Linux being used by about 10 people worlwide so "who will bother attacking it?". Implication being that it would be easy to attack were the numbers to provide sufficient motivation. Well I've looked at the list of companies that run Linux and there are some large companies there and the news is eerily silent of news about large companies being infected by virii targeted at Linux.

Don't believe the hype!

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