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Story: Free Software: Who's Looking Out for You?Total Replies: 3
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Jun 29, 2006
3:40 PM EDT
This was so well said I just had to comment.

All the effort to escape the talk of philosophy and politics, but for what, when it is exactly this Free Software "politics" that has set us free.

Quoting:I shall leave you with this suggestion: the next time you feel like complaining about crazy Linux hippie zealots, think about who is really on your side, and who has your best interests at heart.

Again, so well said. :)


Jun 29, 2006
3:58 PM EDT
Great article, Carla!

Jun 29, 2006
4:10 PM EDT
Bobcats and Dirty Rotten Machines and who knows what else.

You're a troublemaker, TC, just like that other TC (providing it's with dignity).

A fox on your Chickhouse, to go with the bobcat and the horses and all those penquin-ny things.

Just so long as none of it gets in the way of writing nice articles like this one.


Jun 29, 2006
5:49 PM EDT
From the article:

"I could go on forever, but that gets boring."

No, it doesn't, when the quality and clarity is at the level of this article.

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