LXerfest (or LXer-feast) on July 29th

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Jul 05, 2006
7:05 AM EDT
Don Parris and I will be meeting for lunch in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA at 12:00 noon on Saturday, July 29th at Bubba's Barbeque. http://www.bubbasbbq.com/ And you are invited!

Bubba's Barbecue is fairly popular joint (that gets pictures of t-shirt bearers from exotic places) just off Exit 16 of I-77 - one mile North of the I-85/I-77 junction. Take Exit #16B off I-77, and go west about 1/4 mile from the Bridge - it'll be on your left (look for the pigs out front).

No RSVP is necessary, but you may want to reply to this thread so that we know to expect you.

It would be great if other localities put together their own LXerfest/feast.

Mmmmmm. Barbecue. :-)

Jul 05, 2006
8:15 AM EDT

> Bubba's Barbecue

Well, if you want my advice [and in this case, even if you don't :)] I'd recommend heading about 40 miles farther south to exit 65 in South Carolina and checking out the Front Porch.

K&W Cafeteria's are also generally excellent, though we've only eaten at the one in Cornelius, not the ones in Charlotte.

My wife has family in the Chester, SC area, which is why I know the little I do about the area.

Jul 05, 2006
11:58 AM EDT
I used to supervise the security crew at the Hoechst-Celanese plant just outside of Chester. :-)

I invited NoDough down to Charlotte since my situation makes it difficult for me to leave town at the moment. Incidentally, Charlotte is a nice, central location that's easy to get to from Chester, Columbia (90 minutes), and Greenville-Spartanburg. Considering NoDough is driving 3-3.5 hours from Raleigh, people could come from as far away as Atlanta, if they're in the mood for a road trip. I assume that'll be of more interest to the younger folks, but hey...

At any rate, everyone's invited!

Jul 05, 2006
12:15 PM EDT
> people could come from as far away as Atlanta, if they're in the mood for a road trip.

My wife will have just gotten back from a 10 day convention in Lexington, KY the previous weekend, or we might be interested in coming down. :( It's about an 8 hour drive for us, but we'd probably spend the night in Jonesville (at the 6 hour mark) and drive the rest of the way down Saturday morning. That's what we normally do when we go to Chester.

Jul 05, 2006
12:50 PM EDT
Or you could have gone down in my old neck of the woods and had world famouse North Carolina barbeque at Wilburs:

Wilbur's BBQ 4172 US Highway 70 E Goldsboro, NC 27534-9242 Phone: (919) 778-5218

they did a feature on this North Carolina Barbeque on Food TV network and named it one of their top 5 places in the country for barbeque.

I live in Richmond, VA now though...only get it when I go to visit the inlaws! :D

Jul 05, 2006
1:17 PM EDT

> I live in Richmond, VA now though...

Your best bet for barbeque in Richmond (but not for ribs, just sandwiches) is Bill's Barbecue. From what I remember it's nothing like NC barbeque, but then VA barbueque in general is nothing like NC barbeque. There are at least 4 general types of barbeque that I've heard of: tomato based, vinegar based, mustard based, and chili based. I think Bill's is vinegar based while most NC barbeques I've tried have been tomato based. The only place I've seen a mustard base was in Columbia, SC. I don't think I've ever tried one of the chili based ones. I think they're more common out west. The last time we were on the Outer Banks of NC, we tried Pigman's Barb-B-Que, which claimed to use a vinegar/tomato/chili mix. It was pretty good.

Jul 05, 2006
7:54 PM EDT
Hi, An LXer Fest? I want one..:-)

For the record, am I the only one out west besides Tom? who is in Tejas, no?

If there is anyone who wants to get together in Phoenix, let me know. It was a beatiful 110 today, come on out, its great!


Jul 05, 2006
11:15 PM EDT
Heck, you guys are just making me hungry :)....

Don't know how many are close to me here, but, the Carolina's are a bit too far, so barbecue is out of the question :(. guess that dino and I could meet some time .... Chicago pizza, or brats if he comes up here :D.

Jul 05, 2006
11:40 PM EDT
Man, I sure do miss good BBQ...but this San Diego weather really has me stickin' with tacos. It's been pushin' a scorchin' 78 here at the beach the past few weeks...can't wait for it to cool back down to the winter 65.

Jul 06, 2006
2:52 AM EDT
jimf -

Nothing wrong with brats, or, for that matter, Chicago-style barbecued ribs.

Other, of course, than my @#!**&!##!!! diet!

Jul 06, 2006
3:53 AM EDT

would love to take you up on that, but my wife is still in mourning over the closing of the Galleria in Scottsdale...she is a shattered woman since.

God, please don't anyone tell her about the new places in Scottsdale...I will be bankrupt in moments.


Jul 06, 2006
9:37 AM EDT
It's good to hear that some of the penguinistas hail from Phoenix -

I live in the Los Angeles area, but I get over to Phoenix now and then to visit our downtown Phoenix data center on Van Buren.

Jul 06, 2006
4:11 PM EDT
Helios, Make sure to tell your Wife "there's nothing new in Scottsdale at all besides, were going to Phoenix", the former not being true at all and the latter being quite true. :-)


Jul 07, 2006
2:27 AM EDT
Hi all would love to join you for your BBQ, but this year we can hardly afford to go back to my wife's home (Malaysia), tho ppl there haven't seen our now 18-months-old... And our boss just informed us that this year we wouldn't get any raise... sigh... that is not because our work isn't good as everyone around here knows So let me wish you guys a nice party. Maybe next time. cheers, wjl

Jul 07, 2006
3:03 AM EDT
Man it's a long way from the UK. Even if I could afford it, and in the light of this I now cant (http://www.rhythmfestival.net) £400 on the flight would make it seriously expensive BBQ. But I would love to be there with you.

A photo or two would be nice. ..


Jul 07, 2006
5:22 AM EDT
wjl: I remember the days of having babies well. Cherish these times and take lots of video and pics. Tomorrow they will be teenagers and the next day they will be off to college. The video and pics will be cherished by you when they are gone, and by them when they are grown, and by their children when they are parents.

My eldest goes off to college next fall.

sal: Thanks for the photo reminder. I'll pack my digital. (The resolution on my cell's camera sucks.)

Jul 07, 2006
5:46 AM EDT
My eldest just started college.

I have to say that after going through the teenage years (two girls - lots of crying) I've never been so happy to watch them leave.

"Yeah, bye now. See you later. No later than that."

However, one of them is allowed to come back because she brings a granddaughter with her. The light of my life.

I'm doing my best to turn her into my daughter. Revenge is mine.

Jul 07, 2006
6:23 AM EDT
Salparadise: > Even if I could afford it, and in the light of this I now cant ([HYPERLINK@www.rhythmfestival.net]) £400 on the flight would make it seriously expensive BBQ.

Just how much are you spending to throw that little shindig? :-D Don't worry, we'll take pictures, even if it's just me and NoDough. Better yet, get together with some penguinistas over there, and send us some photos.

To everyone else: If you can't come to Charlotte, organize a local LXerFest and send us photos!

Jul 07, 2006
6:48 AM EDT

With the dollar so weak right now, sal's exchange rate is in his favor. I was at rails conf two weeks ago, almost all the brits there made a pilgrimage to the apple store and bought new mac books. They were all amazed at how they paid about half what they would have in London!

Sal could pick up everyone's tab for like £20.00.

He could probably buy the restaurant for £400.00 right now.

Jul 08, 2006
12:30 PM EDT
After listing to you guys I'm sure glad I'm still working on the leftovers from the pig we cooked for the 4th! Yes sir, with good ole vinegar-based sauce from eastern NC! "K&W Cafeteria's are also generally excellent" For BBQ? Surely you jest! Now devnet has a good ;-) handle on it, it's been a while since I've been, but Wilbur's is excellent!

OK, the vinegar based BBQ is mainly eastern NC and the kind I make, tomato based is generally western NC and VA, the mustard based is usually the SC area. The chili based I never run across, jdixon where have you had that at? I'd be interested in trying it!

NoDough is right, enjoy 'em while you've got 'em. it don't take 'em long at all to grow up... My oldest son is now a somewhat temporary resident of GA., Ft Benning to be precise ;-)

Don & NoDough, with the current gas (too high) and job (none) situation I can't see coming to Charlotte for lunch ;-( But I'll certainly be with ya'll in spirit! Eat some BBQ for me! ;-) I hate I'm going to miss it......

Jul 08, 2006
12:36 PM EDT
> To everyone else: If you can't come to Charlotte, organize a local LXerFest and send us photos!

Hmmm. I can't think of anyone here to invite. Well... I'll barbecue a chicken anyway. I'd send a photo of me and the chicken but there won't be anyone to take it. So I guess I'll just send a picture of the chicken. ;-)

Jul 08, 2006
2:01 PM EDT
Chicken? I thought the point was to roast LXer readers and editors.

Jul 09, 2006
9:48 AM EDT
> "K&W Cafeteria's are also generally excellent" For BBQ?

I don't think they serve Barbeque. Neither does the Front Porch. Both are excellent places to eat though. Barbeque has never been all that high on my list of things to eat.

> The chili based I never run across, jdixon where have you had that at?

Pigman's on the Outer Banks claimed that it was used and that they used it in theirs (they claimed to use a mix of vinegar, tomato, and chili. I don't know if that's still true or not). I've never encountered it anywhere else, but if it exists, it's probably in Texas.

Jul 09, 2006
9:36 PM EDT
NoDough, all: thanks for your kind words. I *do* cherish each single moment, because having so cute small ones is still the greatest gift of all...

All of you who can make it: enjoy your BBQ.

Best wishes, wjl

Jul 19, 2006
2:54 PM EDT
I guess since I'm about 40 miles east of Raleigh, I'll be waiting until NoDough and I can do lunch some time.

Have fun, folks, make sure to post pictures!

Jul 19, 2006
3:42 PM EDT
Why don't you ride down with NoDough? Drive over to his neck of the woods and then ride down with him. He can take you back, you get the car and go home. :-)

Jul 20, 2006
3:28 PM EDT
family does not vanish conveniently. :^)

Jul 21, 2006
12:19 AM EDT
Have a nice BBQ! I wish I was rich and could come to NC, but I guess LXer doesn't sponsor plane tickets...

Jul 25, 2006
5:48 AM EDT
I'm posting to BUMP this article to the top.

Also, I've noticed that several of you readers live in and around the Raleigh, NC area. http://www.frappr.com/lxercom So, how about joining me in Charlotte this Saturday to meet dcparris (and hopefully others) for barbecue and the obligatory discussions where we try to out-geek each other. (Yes, observers will stare in disbelief an pity.)

Anybody want to carpool?

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