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Sep 22, 2006
5:51 AM EDT
Spam is killing the forums. Don't know if it has anything to do with the reduction in posts lately, but it's really irritating.

I was wondering if you could add an option that would allow a trusted group of users to flag a post as spam. That group would be a super set of the editors.

I know you have to be careful with this, as some people will just start flagging things willy nilly, but it you carefully pick the people that are part of that group, they may be a huge help to the editors. Maybe a rule that doesn't remove the post until it has three strikes (flags.)

What do you think?

Sep 22, 2006
6:32 AM EDT
I like it. It should reduce the load on the admins a bit.

A 3 strikes setup should eliminate false positives. And even if messages got flagged only once or twice before the admins had a chance to look, that should make it easier to spot the possible spam and make an executive decision to nuke it or unflag it. (Maybe the users should have the ability to unflag a message they'd flagged in case they accidentally flag the wrong post?)

Sep 22, 2006
7:47 AM EDT
We kind of have that already - at least two readers send us an e-mail at the first sign of spam. We respond as soon as we can. Maybe more readers could take on themselves to help us spot the spam?

Sep 22, 2006
5:28 PM EDT
I'm going to propose something that herzeleid also suggested. I'd like to see first post moderation by the editors. It would keep a lot of spam out. Generally one could tell from the first post if it is a spam bot and ban the user. If the editors are too busy then maybe someone could volunteer to be the "spam editor". (I'd be willing to do it sometime.) We'd have to agree on the rules for recognizing spam. There'd have to be a referral system just in case there'd be any question about a post. I kind of like this idea. Thanks to herzeleid.

Don K.

Sep 22, 2006
7:01 PM EDT
We're taking a closer look into this issue. Thanks to all for the concern and help!

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