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May 21, 2007
8:25 AM EDT
MAN...do I ever want a job that allows me to second guess the guys actually taking the chances and getting paid for it! Nice gesture...you got a couple of things wrong here.

I don't claim to know Tom Chastain, but let me assure you of something. Before I ever allowed myself, my website or my family to be involved this heavily with one person, I did the best I could to find out as much as I could about him. I found out much, and all of it was either positive or neutral to the point of my interest. One thing I did find out about Mr. Chastain.

Being down only makes him a tougher competitor. So when this reporter says that the effort was "unnecessary", he is just saying he doesn't Know Tom Chastain at all. it was not only a necessary move, it was a brilliant one. Chastain is to be credited on two counts. for having the guts and brains to make the call AND for picking Robert Moreno as his Driver. Chastain had many choices...and most of them would have cost him much less money. Tom is already being knocked around in some of the racing forums for picking a "Geritol Warrior" instead of someone younger.

I am wondering how many of those "younger" drivers have friends that blog sour grapes when things don't go their way? Just a thought outloud...pay no attention to it. The next time they go slapping around the older guys in the sport, or any sport for that matter, it would be wise to bring to mind Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, George Foreman, ...et al.

Chastain has shown a rare combination to all of us. Guts and Grace. It's indeed rare to find the same man with equally large proportions of both.


May 21, 2007
9:47 AM EDT
We'll never know if it was unnecessary, because it worked. Requalifying put a LOT more pressure on the remaining teams. It was also getting late in the day, so if they had gotten bumped they might not have had time to requalify. They also played it perfectly on Saturday. This team is easy to root for.

I wasn't expecting this to be so much fun. I only contributed because the negativity rubbed me the wrong way. But in my book, this is a success. You've already gotten more exposure than we probably deserve based on the dollar amount contributed.

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