they just can't help themselves

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Jul 21, 2007
5:31 PM EDT
When Microspokepersons emit comments, and every time Kevin Carmony says anything, it reminds me of my sister's dog Rex. Rex was this big boneheaded Boxer who was a slave to his impulses. My favorite game was to sic him on the squirrels. We would sit outside on a nice day, enjoying the weather, and then I would whisper "Rex! Squirrels!" That woke him up with a bound out of the soundest sleep, and off he ran at top speed to get those bad squirrels. After a couple minutes of running and barking, he figured out there we no squirrels, and came back to finish his nap.

It didn't matter how many bogus squirrel alarms I sounded- off he went every time, though being expressive as Boxers are, he made it clear he knew I was scamming him. But he couldn't help himself.

Of course unlike Rex, there is nothing cute or lovable about Microspokespersons or Kevin Carmony. But they both have the same uncontrollable reflexes- neither one can make a straightforward, simple sensible statement or make an honest deal, and both wish that dumb old GPL would just float away. Or at the least, that those annoying hippies would just shut up about it.

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