I love Xfce

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Sep 19, 2007
8:42 AM EST
Xfce, Thunar, Mousepad, the Xfce Terminal. All excellent.

And since Xfce works so much better on older hardware, it should be way, way better on newer boxes, too.

Sep 19, 2007
8:51 AM EST
It's the default desktop on my Slackware box.

Sep 19, 2007
12:39 PM EST
I have only one problem With XFCE. Thunar in particular: I access a *lot* of other computers through SSH. On the few XFCE distro's I tried so far, in none of them was I able to type something like "ssh://sander@server" in Thunar, forcing me to the console and scp for copying files.

Sep 20, 2007
10:07 AM EST
> "ssh://sander@server"

I was so happy when I discovered Konqueror's fish:// function. No need for samba, no need for nfs, a remote machine is just another directory through vanilla ssh.

Sep 20, 2007
10:28 AM EST
Yeah, Gnome's Nautilus does it as well (with ssh:// instead of fish://). I was quite disappointed that it doesn't work in Thunar. With the amount of time I spend on other systems it's a deal breaker for me.

Sep 20, 2007
10:38 AM EST
>I was so happy when I discovered Konqueror's fish:// function.

Yes. Tis a wonder, and one of the reasons I face KDE4 and it's "de-functioned" konqueror with some trepidation.

I must admit, though, that I am surprised that you like it so much, given the religious symbolism and all.

Sep 20, 2007
10:57 AM EST
I use Xfce4 on my Dell OptiPlex GXi. It only has 64 MB of RAM, a 2 MB internal Trio graphics adapter, a 2-3 GB hard drive, and an onboard ethernet controller.

Okay, so at times, it moves at the speed of molasses, but when everything's loaded, it chugs right along. I run Xfce4 on Debian 4. ;)

Sep 20, 2007
10:57 AM EST
Some (all that I used to use konqueror for) of the defunctioned functions are now in Dolphin. File manager, storage devices, nfs, ssh, samba connections, etc are there. Thats why I really pay no attention to desktop/user environment. I dont need Gnome or KDE, all I do is install the bits and pieces I want then either hotkey or autostart it in Fluxbox.

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