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  13. Status Update
  14. Why I Believe IBM is Free to Sue The Pants Off TurboHercules
  15. Caught Web-Handed: Social Media Become Valuable Tool in Crime-Fighting
  16. OSI "categorically rejects" IIPA's attack on open source
  17. EXCLUSIVE: Notion Ink ADAM (Specs, Pics)
  18. Vulnerability in Samba provides access to files
  19. SourceForge turns off "blanket blocking"
  20. Four Security Worries of Cloud Computing
  21. Europe to Begin Digital Privacy Overhaul
  22. Privacy Bill Nears Introduction in House
  23. Obama enforces trade embargo against open source
  24. Watching TV and Linux
  25. Benchmarks Of The Gentoo-based Sabayon
  26. Shuttleworth steps down as Ubuntu CEO
  27. EFF Sues Feds Over Social Network Surveillance
  28. Seeking a Stallman for open source
  29. Twitter Being Used As Botnet Command Channel
  30. Sabayon Linux CoreCD 4.2 Release
  31. Microsoft stuns Linux world, submits source code for kernel
  32. Internet Keeps Growing - And Getting Faster, Too
  33. What open source should tell the FCC
  34. Groups Warn New Cybersecurity Bill Oversteps
  35. EU issues warning on Internet user rights
  36. Mounting LVM
  37. Gmail service outage points to a hole in the cloud
  38. Mr. Stallman's Internet: How RMS May Be Looking The Wrong Way At The Internet
  39. Apache HTTP gains a million new sites in Jan 09
  40. Making a Bootable USB from DVD image
  41. [PDF] Bad Facts Make Good Law: The Jacobsen Case and Open Source
  42. Debian @15 is it still relevant?
  43. San Francisco's mayor gets back keys to the network
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  45. Where is GNU ?
  46. How good is open source support?
  47. We don’t want you to talk, Mr. Ballmer
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  49. Judge Kimball Rules at Last!
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  51. Free medical tool tackles disease
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  53. Steve Ballmer Egged in Hungary!
  54. CD/DVD install with no CD/DVD
  55. Linux and Ipod Video Conversion
  56. Android, Schmandroid: Linux on the iPhone
  57. Writer Arthur C Clarke dies at 90
  58. Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 3.5 Loop 2: Beta Release
  59. If Torvalds quit Linux would anyone notice?
  60. Hitting Microsoft Where It Hurts
  61. Hack-the-Mac organisers target Vista & Linux
  62. KDE 4.0 Reviewer Reminders
  63. Destroying the GPL from the inside
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  66. Phoenix's Hyperspace: Linux-Based Instant-On For Laptops
  67. Insecure by Default
  68. World's Best Resignation Letter?
  69. Fair Use: Affirmative Defense or Right? Do I Have to Choose?
  70. OpenSolaris vs. GNU/Linux: Deathmatch or Lovefest?
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  73. Why I refuse to call it GNU/Linux
  74. Novell's Victory Over SCO Could Have Downside For Linux Users
  75. Sabayon 3.4a x86
  76. Potentially Huge Legal Boost for EU File Traders
  77. What's your favorite news hub for free software news?
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  86. Free software is nothing to fear
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