hey you forgot installing it using elive

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Sep 21, 2007
3:06 PM EDT
I love e17 and found that the easiest way to install it was using the elive GEM CD. Perfect install. Recognized my nvidia card with the driver - dunno if that's legal - I ain't complaining.:) And then it was apt-get via synaptic...you know the drill. And now sheer envy from all my friends.

I nearly beat one of them to death when he said, " You know it looks like Vista." Of course, I forgave him and helped him install it. He used the Ubuntu version. It sucks a bit because it doesn't have epanel. I tried telling him about Mark Shuttleworth's forking, etc. But he was happy anyway.:) Why are the little ubuntus discriminated against when it comes to cutting-edge code?

Ah, time for that glass of draft! Can't save the world but at least my desktop is cool...

Sep 21, 2007
3:18 PM EDT
Looks like vista? ugh. Maybe he means vista on a good day looks a wee bit like a crippled enlightenment Shucks, enlightenment has been around since the 90s, and we know microsoft always tries to copy the cool stuff from the actual innovators.

I remember the first time I saw expee, I knew I'd seen that theme in icewm some years earlier.

Sep 21, 2007
6:09 PM EDT
I was just reading the license for elive and ran across something interesting. The distribution is licensed under the creative commons license, even though it is a derivative work of Debian which is not. Am I confused i thinking that they illegally relicensed Debian? The package repositories point right back to and use the standard Debian repo's, yet from the way the license reads, those repos are covered under the CCL as well by intent of the license.

Someone with more knowledge of this want to take a shot at explaining it to me *cough* dino *cough*.

Sep 22, 2007
6:53 PM EDT
I went ahead and grabbed the elive GEM 1.0 iso out of curiosity. All I knew is that is was Debian based and used Enlightenment, I know Debian but have never touched Enlightenment.

What has been found out?

elive is Debian, it does pull from the Debian repo's with the elive repos added in.

After install: No network interfaces - I had to go into /etc/network/interfaces and define them before I could start the ndiswrapper dance.

No CPU scaling - default CPU speed was 798 Mhz on a 1.6 Ghz laptop. The modules weren't present to load (this is common for me with Debian). Luckily I hammered the wireless into submission prior to dealing with CPU scaling, so the fix was pretty easy. Install powernow and load the powernow_k8 module, CPU scaling works.

After all is said and done though, it is very pretty and very nice and will probably live on my laptop until the Sabayon 3.4 mini comes out (sometime in the next few days according to IRC chatter). Nice installer, replaces the Debian one, probably one of the best installers I have seen. To bad it has the same piss poor hardware set up that Debian base has.

If your capable of going in and fixing module and network issues give elive a whirl. If you cant ... run away, run very far away.

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