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Story: A Quick Look at Mono Licensing and Microsoft LicensingTotal Replies: 1
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Nov 30, 2007
8:50 AM EDT
Unfortunatly the license page linked to by the author shoots the conspiracy theory in the foot. From the page the author himself (Roy) Linked to:
Quoting: The .NET Framework is divided in two parts: the ECMA/ISO covered technologies and the other technologies developed on top of it like ADO.NET, ASP.NET and Windows.Forms.

Mono implements the ECMA/ISO covered parts, as well as being a project that aims to implement the higher level blocks like ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Windows.Forms.

Once again you prove that anything sounds good with hyperlinks and the assumption that people will not individually research the issue and notice how slipshod your research actually is. Your starting to make Enderle look like the paragon of competence.

Nov 30, 2007
12:45 PM EDT
These Beatup Novell wankers really are pretty cruddy, I'm begining to think they are, in fact sponsored by Microsoft with the purpose of making Free Software advocate appear dimwitted crackpots.

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