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Mar 16, 2008
7:36 AM EST
FireFox is much more useful and friendlier than IE for Web development, let alone its high compliance with W3C.

Its add-on development tools are a snap to download and install and very powerful. See this link that was on LXer recently


I have been monitoring the link below for a while now and have seen the constant increase of FF share.



Mar 16, 2008
9:41 AM EST
If I may contribute one more...

http://www.upsdell.com/BrowserNews/stat.htm ( upsdell.com )

I like his sampling of 5 different sources. Also the quotes about statistics are always amusing.

Mar 16, 2008
11:10 AM EST
Quoting:Also the quotes about statistics are always amusing.
Yes, statistics are misleading and amusing some times, but I didn't cite the site above for the general adoption of FF.

Webreference.com is a well known site dominantly visited by web developers, which the point I was making.


Mar 16, 2008
2:08 PM EST
Sorry, Abe, I see your point. My ref to the statistics wasn't meant to imply anything re the Webref site. They're one of my go-to sources and have great credibility. In fact, I didn't know (or remember) that they had started monitoring FF usage. Now I'll add them to my arsenal to argue for FF adoption.

I'm a bit quick to jump in on this one because I've been beating the Mozilla/Firefox drum since Moz 1 something, I think. Pre Firebird, I'm sure. I'm sick and tired of dealing with people making sites only IE compatible, as I'm sure a lot of web dev folks are.

Mar 16, 2008
4:37 PM EST

I visit this site main page almost every day to read their articles. They have good ones that are written by pretty skilled and clever developers. They cover many areas and If you develop web pages with AJAX, they have a series of them now.


Scroll down a little and you should see daily summary of browser stats to the right. The week days stats show twice as many visitors than the weekend.


Mar 16, 2008
5:03 PM EST

Thanks, Abe. I'll be watching that as well now.

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