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Story: Linspire's CNR beta supports Ubuntu HardyHeronTotal Replies: 6
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Apr 17, 2008
7:24 AM EDT
Who cares?

Apr 17, 2008
7:46 AM EDT
Making their service even less relevant is that RealPlayer 11 supports Windows Media. That was apparently one of the big selling points of CNR. All a distro would have to do to support Windows Media out of the box now is get permission to include RealPlayer. (Haven't tried it myself.)

Apr 17, 2008
11:25 AM EDT
CNR reminds me of the PBI files in PC-BSD. At least the PC-BSD crew is now keeping the PBIs up to date.

But having too many layers of package management doesn't seem like a good idea. I don't know if CNR dovetails with apt or rpm ...

Apr 17, 2008
11:39 AM EDT
> CNR reminds me of the PBI files in PC-BSD.

I hadn't thought about that, but they are very similar. Except that PBI's worked when I tried them and CNR did not.

Apr 17, 2008
11:55 AM EDT
When I first tried the PBIs in PC-BSD 1.3, I wasn't impressed at all. The apps were more than a few versions behind, and all of them didn't work.

But now they're really on top of it. They all work, and they're all up to date. If the PC-BSD upgrade to 1.5 didn't run worse for me than 1.4, I'd still be using it right now. I'm not a big fan of KDE, even though I like many of the apps (KOffice, Krita, K3b), and I was all set to run Fluxbox in PC-BSD (at least they give you an out-of-the-box alternative to KDE), but having my X configuration look worse, with identical xorg.conf files, was too much for me to take.

In PC-BSD, though, the package management is even more confusing. You have PBIs from PC-BSD, then you have binary packages AND uncompiled ports from FreeBSD.

Apr 17, 2008
1:21 PM EDT
> all together now:

All you need is love.

Whoops, sorry. Wrong subject matter.

Apr 17, 2008
5:32 PM EDT
> I'm not a big fan of KDE

That's why I just couldn't get interested in PC-BSD. They make it pretty clear that you should use KDE if you want run PC-BSD. I read horror stories of users wasting time trying unsuccessfully to get Gnome installed.

Some parts of Arch were borrowed from BSD, and I like that, but that's close enough for me.

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