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Jun 22, 2008
1:44 PM EDT
I want to apologize to everyone for all the little hiccups on LXer this week. We moved over to new server hardware and we have had a few 'hiccups' in things like, logging in, the site being down, not being able to post comments or know, little stuff. LOL!

If you have seen anything acting funky or have had an issue that came up this week and has not resolved itself, please let me know. We will do our best to resolve it.

Again I want to apologize to you all and thank you for your patience this past week.


Jun 22, 2008
1:58 PM EDT
I thought maybe the readership had just doubled or something and was overloading the server.... hehehe

Jun 22, 2008
5:49 PM EDT
Well, he didn't want to brag too early...

Jun 22, 2008
6:59 PM EDT
Being told I didn't have "this thing called cookies" enabled, and then having it explained to me how to do so, and for every browser, except the one I'm using, was a tiny bit annoying.

Jun 22, 2008
7:11 PM EDT
> Being told I didn't have "this thing called cookies" enabled...

I never got that, but there were a number of times I couldn't get to the site at all.

Jun 22, 2008
8:19 PM EDT
Quoting:Well, he didn't want to brag too early...


Jun 22, 2008
9:39 PM EDT
Quoting:Well, he didn't want to brag too early...

Our readership (registered users), general site traffic and our reach (the number of different sites linking to us and/or our RSS feed) continues to grow steadily. There has been a measurable increase in the number of web pages being accessed at any one time and the amount of time people are spending on has gone up too.

This move to newer hardware will enable us to handle the heavy traffic spikes we get along with our continued growth well into the future. I'm sure its still possible to overload our new server, anything is possible. Besides, the overloading of servers because of traffic spikes and an overall increase in site traffic is a wonderful problem to have is it not?

So to be clear, I am not bragging...much. ;-)


Jun 22, 2008
9:57 PM EDT
I suggest an AMD64-X2 with 2 drives on SATA using XFS with noop or deadline scheduling...

But that's just me.

(Details to follow soon.)

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