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Sep 17, 2008
1:24 PM EDT

Sep 17, 2008
6:26 PM EDT
You like?

You'll notice that Canberra, as in the State/Territory use Linux and Free Open Source Software for their voting machines. Mind you that doesn't mean that Queensland - "the Smart State" (my State), will use anything but proprietary solutions when they implement computer voting.

Sep 17, 2008
6:34 PM EDT
Yeah, another perfect example of why FOSS voting machines should be required.

A flash drive....all it takes is a single flash drive to rig the votes.....

Sep 17, 2008
6:39 PM EDT
And no one would ever do THAT...would they?


Sep 17, 2008
7:01 PM EDT
It's also a perfect example of how companies try to use the IP/trade secrets/etc. card to keep anyone from actually looking into their systems. It's not about protecting their precious IP, it's about keeping their horrible coding and flaws hidden so they'll get contracts and won't get sued for their mass incompetence.

Sep 18, 2008
6:45 AM EDT
Wasn't there a Robin Williams film about this general issue a year or so ago? I thought it [the idea of the voting machines completely wrecking the legitimate result of an election] was incredibly far fetched when I watched it, but maybe it isn't.

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