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Oct 19, 2008
4:41 PM EDT
If you're bored, I found a great piece of 'Free knowledge' about the standard model:

I wish more knowledge like macro-economics was explained like this; so maybe I could understand monetarism etc. Anyway, have fun while reading; and let me know if there are these kind of 'for dummies' for other topics too.

Oct 19, 2008
10:51 PM EDT

Oct 19, 2008
11:49 PM EDT
I have the Deluxe Model but thanks.

That whole presentation was great. I don't from pigeon poop about the subject but that was a well done learning aid.

Someone needs to do that for everything.

Oct 26, 2008
9:10 AM EDT
Quoting:Someone needs to do that for everything.

Well, we could start with Linux maybe? I planned something like that but I have to find, install and learn some application to make animations.

Oct 26, 2008
10:21 AM EDT
There is a great book that explains the Linux model (GNU intentionally omitted for correctness of statement).

Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary -by Linus Torvalds, David Diamond

You leave that book with an understanding of the how and why, and it's interesting enough to read several times. It also delves partially into the differences between the Linux mindset and the GNU mindset.

Oct 26, 2008
11:52 AM EDT
az, thanks for that.

hkw, Mrs. Panik (educator) loved it and will use the idea/format.

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